Real Madrid tops La Liga as AC Milan pays tribute to Cavid-19 victims in Serie A

“We know how good he is and so I know he’ll drop the ball to me because I wanted the ball off.”

Coach Zinedine Zidane added: “I am not surprised by what Karim did at all, he is a player who has been inventing things on the pitch and his control and backhill were great. It could be part of the best game of the season.”

Karim Benzema’s spectacular backhill puts Real Madrid back at the top of the Spanish standings red credit: Getty

The Real players hugged each other when the final whistle came to signal a fifth consecutive victory which was at the top of 711 points after 32 games. Barাa are 699th, having drawn 2-2 with Celta Vigo on Saturday.

Espanyol, who started their first game under caretaker Francisco Rufet for the first time, has dropped 24 points since becoming the fourth director of their trouble campaign.

Villarreal beat Valencia 2-0, which could have a big impact on European venues. The Catalans dropped to eighth and Villarreal to fifth, with Getfee clearing two points for 51 but playing one more match.

After a 2-1 win over Granada, they moved to 15th place, giving them some breathing space.

Casemiro brings Benzema out after benefiting from Frenchman’s help C Credit: Happy

In Italy, AC Milan paid deep tribute to the victims of the coronavirus epidemic during Roma’s 2-0 win over Italy in Syria.

It was Milan’s first home match since the lockdown and on Sunday the team hoisted a huge banner on one side of the empty San Siro stadium that read “Together Forever” dedicated to the victims.

The Lombardy region, with Milan as its capital, is one of the worst-hit areas in Italy, with more than 16,000 people killed.

The names of the victims were placed on the seats on 13 reunion shirts under the banner.

In game action, both sides showed up to fight the 32-degree heat until Ante Rebic finally found the 76th Milan goal.

In the 89th, Hakan sealed the result by scoring Calhanglu from the penalty spot.

Milan coach Stefano Piali said: “It was very hot, so playing at an intense pace for 90 minutes was not conceivable.”

This is Milon’s second straight win since the restart and his first win of the season as a team in the top six.

“We won as we deserved, because if there was a problem we would stay together as a squad,” Paoli said.

AC Milan pays tribute to Lombardy residents lost during coronavirus epidemic Credit: AAP

“We were looking for a win against a strong opponent and we got what we deserved.”

Rossonari is seventh and Roma is fifth, nine points behind Atlanta, who beat Udinese 3-2 to reach the Champions League final.


Luis Muriel has scored twice this season, setting a club record of 70 goals for Atlanta.

Third-placed Inter Milan scored twice in the last seven minutes to give Parma a 2-1 victory.

After Garvinho’s early opener, Stefan de Vries and Alessandro Bastoni returned to the title with the title.

Parma was reduced to 10 men after de Vries scored when Juraj Kukka was sent to protest.

Sixth-placed Napoli maintained their strong form after the lockdown with a 3-1 win over relegation-threatened SPL and a 2-1 draw with Balona Sampdoria and a 3-3 draw with Sassolo Verona.

In Germany, VFB Stuttgart will return to the Bundesliga after a 3-1 defeat to Darmstadt on the final day, when one-time European champion SV Hamburg missed out on a play-off spot after a 5-1 win over Sundauson.


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