Raven Gates says Caitlin Bristow and Shawn Booth need to split

Raven Gates said Kevlin Bristo and Shawn Booth had to break up. Peak Credit: ABC

The separation took place in November 2018 after Caitlin Bristow and Shawn Booth had been together for three years.

The couple’s involvement initially began during Caitlin’s season at The Bachelorette.

A few months later, Caitlin joined fellow bachelor’s alumnus Jason Tartick, and the two have remained inseparable ever since.

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Although we don’t know the details of why Caitlin and Shawn finally called it a waiver, we begin to learn new details about why it went wrong.

In their split announcement, Caitlin and Shawn explained that they had passed a fairly rough month and that they were at a crossroads.

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He wanted to make it work, but they chose to finish it.

Caitlin Bristow and Shawn Booth need to have a breakup

He also mentioned that there were “important fundamental values ​​that were not aligned,” but never went into details about what those values ​​were.

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Now, Raven Gates is talking about splitting according to our weekly “Right Reasons Here” podcast.

Gates, 29, revealed, “I don’t think I was devastated by their split because I knew too much.”

“I was Tim Caitlin and so was Tim Caitlin and Jason [Tartick]In order for this new relationship to flourish, it must end. “

Again he doesn’t go into detail about what these things were, but these were enough to ruin a three year long engagement.

Caitlin has had a few interviews about their relationship since their split. Caitlin recently revealed that she was nervous about running away with Shawn in Nashville, where they both live.

He is currently staying there with Jason Tartick.

Caitlin Bristow and Jason Tartick made for each other

Since she started dating Jason, Caitlin seems more outgoing and happy. He recently appeared in an interview with Chris Harrison, where he revealed that they were approaching an engagement party.

The interview was for Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever, and Jason assured Chris that he would one day manage their wedding.

Caitlin is taking part in dancing with the stars this season, and she is already ready for rumors of cheating.

He understands that taking part in the show and taking part leads to rumors of cheating. He is, of course, ready to address them face to face and Jason is not at all worried.

Since they both point out, they trust each other with everything, so they are stronger.

Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – ABC always airs on Mondays at 8/7 p.m.

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