Quite a skilled cast featuring twelve minutes

Twelve Minutes is a unique indie adventure game. The players follow a story set from a top-down perspective in an apartment where they take on the role of a husband who finds out that his wife is pregnant. Shortly after a police burst into the house, claiming that your wife killed her father and then killed your wife, the game is reset and you play the twelve-minute adventure again. The goal is to find out how to solve the campaign in the midst of the chaos of the people, as well as what is going on with the description.

We didn’t see much for this title after it was headlined during the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference event. However, it looks like we can finally share a new trailer for the title that focuses primarily on the talented actor who is portraying the selected characters described in the campaign. The trailer doesn’t offer too much in terms of what to expect, after all, we’re going to play the loop again in twelve minutes. However, there will be plenty of content to unlock and display during this period as you try to solve the mystery behind this police detective.

At the moment the epidemic of this kind of epidemic which is thanks to the coronavirus is hitting all kinds of industries now, it seems we are seeing some iconic film stars take on some character roles in the upcoming video game take the latest trailer, we finally know that the game is James McVoy, Daisy Ridley and finally Until William Duffy picks up. We are still waiting for the title of this video game to be released.

Originally, Twelve Minutes was released at some point in 2020 for the Xbox One and PC platforms. For now, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what developer Luis Antonio decides when releasing this game.

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