Quality released in Europe has been restored by Apple TV + and Netflix-9to5 Mac

Netflix is ​​slowly increasing the quality of streaming coronavirus-related restrictions in Europe. Netflix, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime all blocked European Commission requests in March to reduce home bandwidth.


Netflix was the first video company to guarantee loyalty and quickly follow others.

The Network Commission has suggested that networks may need to balance video streaming to help manage their load. One option is that companies like Netflix offer not only high quality, but also high quality streaming.

We promise to temporarily change the normal quality of all traffic in the EU.

It also appeared that Apple acted faster and took more serious steps than its competitors.

Apple seems to be delivering high quality video streams up to 670 pixels. In addition to low resolution, streams appear to be heavily ill with visual images.

It is well known that deteriorating video quality is more prevalent, and people are in their living room today than these 40-inch TVs. Among the highest quality 4K HDR content, Apple TV + low quality is regularly used.

The flow of European standards is now back

Apple has announced that it has been implementing low bandwidth service for 30 days, and last month it released a 4K release.

Z Update reports that Netflix is ​​doing the same thing now, with restrictions still in place in at least three countries.

According to Netflix users in Europe, including Denmark, Norway and Germany, the standard of streaming is up to 4K HD HDR and bit rate which has not been available for two months. It looks like a slow release of comments on Netflix –

Please note, we are working with ISPs to increase capacity. Just last month we quadrupled the standard. We will remove these restrictions as conditions improve.

The first chapter of the English lock ended this week, a misleading message about the second level.

Basically, everyone was asked to work from home and only the “necessary workers” were expected to work. These include healthcare workers, emergency services and those involved in the food industry. The new directive requires everyone to return to work if they can’t work from home, and it can be done safely, but it doesn’t require people to use public transport – it applies to most people working in big cities like London. Employers also said that it is not possible to meet the requirements of social discrimination when many people return to work.

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