PVT County leaders are optimistic about the COVID-19 number

Greenville, NC.

The Pete County Health Director says 99.5% of people who received COVID-19 locally survived.

They are increasing the number of cases from 18 to 15, but hope that this number will decrease in the next two weeks.

Dr. John Silvernell says that with the flu season fast approaching, everyone should get their flu shots if possible.

He is optimistic about developing a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year.

Silvernail added that it was not concerned about the state moving forward with plans to reopen.

“I think it will have very little effect on our numbers,” Silvernail said. “In the beginning there was a lot of communication with the playground. We now know that the virus doesn’t stay in the sun for very long, there are still some concerns about the playground being crowded. ”

The playground is being reopened on Friday evening at the behest of the new state.

Silvernile says it’s important for kids to wear their masks if they can.

Parents should also watch them and make sure the kids keep their distance.

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