PVT chat trailer and poster debut, the film will be released in February

Erotic drama PVT Chat debuted a trailer and poster this morning. Acting Peter Vack, Julia Fox, Buddy Dures, Keith Paulson, Kevin Moxia, And David J. White, The film follows a man who follows a cam girl and he chats online. Like most people who are obsessed with cam girls thinking she needs to “save” him, in real life she happens to be on top of him. Things unfold from there … or are they? The PVT chat was directed by Ben Hoji and screened at the 2020 Fantasia International Film Festival. You can watch the photo trailer below.

PVT chat summary

“Jack is a lone internet gambler living in New York City. She quickly became a cam girl in Scarlett, San Francisco. As Jack learns more about Scarlett, he discovers his unrealistic talent as a painter and begins to read hard for him. The fantasy comes true when his passion reaches a boiling point and he sees Jack Scarlett on a rainy street in Chinatown, NYC. While Scarlett is clearly hiding her whole truth, processing Jack’s wallet, she also seems to be feeling real feelings towards him. Jack needs to find out – is their emotional connection real, or is he just being taken on a ride? PVT Chat is released on February 5th and digitally on February 9th in select theaters.

PVT chat poster

Starring PVT Chat, Peter Vack, Julia Fox, Buddy Dures, Keith Paulson, Kevin Moxia, and David J. White, it will be released in select theaters on February 2 and debuted digitally on February 9. A good erotic thriller is a fun watch, so here’s hoping this can survive as long as the name is checked on this poster.

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