Punisher’s co-creator Gary Conway says the Punisher logo is an “illegal police repression-symbol”.

Punisher co-creator Gary Conway has announced that he is launching a project to restore Punisher’s skull.

Conoe went on Twitter where he wrote, “I am looking for colorful comic artists who want to get involved in a small #BLM fundraising project to get Penisher’s skull back as a symbol of justice without suppressing illegal police. “

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He then encouraged people willing to take part in the project to “respond and follow up to be able to DM them”.

I’m looking for colorful, colorful comic artists who want to take part in a small #BLM fundraising project where they want to claim Penisher’s skull as a symbol of justice and illegal police repression. Answer and follow so we can DM. https://t.co/QqnHNiPvzw

– Gary Conway (@ JerichoWay), 5 June 2020

In addition to Punishir’s call for a reclamation of the skull, Conway shared Article I09, stating that the symbol was “inspired by similar images of the German Empire’s Tottenkoff, skulls and crossbones, and notably by the Nazi SS in 1991 and the 20th century.” “

In the comic, Punisher takes the skull symbol from the Vietnamese sniper on the “Name # 53” page.

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In Punisha No. 4, Olivia’s demon claims that the symbol of Punisha is her face.

Skull symbols have been found and used in many cultures throughout history. The symbol usually represents death, undeclared death, danger, piracy and poisoning.

It is not unique to Nazi Germany and in fact it was first used as a military symbol of the German Prussian army. The symbol was used by Colonel von Ruwes and the Hussar Cavalry Regiment.

Conway’s comments about the Panisha logo are not really surprising. He made it clear in the past that the Punisher logo was associated with police officers and the military.

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In January 2019, Conway elaborated on his thinking, saying, “I am confused when I see the figures of the authorities embodying the image of Punisher because it represents the failure of the Panisar justice system. You should assume that you are blaming the decline of social morality and this reality.” People who can’t rely on institutions like the police or the army can be fair and capable.

“The protagonist against vigilance is basically a critique of the judiciary, an example of social failure, so when the police put punishers in their cars or after punching the skulls of military members, they are basically standing against the enemy of another country. . System, “Conway continues.

He added: “They embrace the forbidden mentality. If you think the punisher is fair or not, appreciate your code of ethics, it is forbidden. Criminal. Police should not be worn as a crime symbol. “

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Cono said, “It goes without saying.” In some ways, this is as offensive as placing a Confederate flag in a government building. “

He explained, “In my opinion, Penisher is an antihero, who can be suspected when we think he is also illegal and criminal. If an officer representing the judiciary puts a criminal symbol in his police car or distributes money in honor of a crime, he makes a highly irrational statement about his understanding of the law. “

What do you think of Conway’s recent comments about Dunisher and his logo?

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