Psychonats 2 is still set to launch this year

Developers, including game director Tim Schaefer, were looking for a sequel to Double Fine Productions, their 2005 release of Cyconuts. Now it looks like we may get that sequel at some point in the coming year, although at the time of writing, it still doesn’t look pretty good to set a release schedule. The video game will still follow the same overall gameplay mechanics as the platform title.

In the game, players will follow Raj after the Rhombus of Psychonats event, a title designed to bridge the first Psychonates game in the upcoming sequel to the PlayStation VR. Although not much detail has yet been found about the game, Tim Schaefer is interested in diving deeper into the history of the king with family history.

Fortunately, the long wait for that sequel is coming to an end and we should be releasing the title of video game at some point in the year 2021. This comes from a recent video that released Double Fine Productions during the holiday break that shows the team reflecting on the production of Shaffer items. In the video embedded above, the team makes a note that the production team is currently with the game and even goes to the previous few video footage with the discussion groups on the project.

There was also talk of cutting content for the game, basically, there are already a lot of players who are waiting to get their hands on the game to bring some specific features that it takes almost all of the time. All in all it looks like Double Fine Productions will focus on polishing this point up front and Cyconuts 2 will be ready for release.

Source: YouTube

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