PS5 News and Rumors: Sony says PlayStation 5 will not be delayed by COVID-19

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Sony plans to release the PlayStation 5 during the 2020 holiday season.

What’s happening:

  • The company announced Wednesday that it will release the console on earnings. The company said gaming revenue for the year was 14% lower.
  • Sony said the PlayStation 5 would play a key role in the company’s success.
  • “Some factors, such as the launch of the PlayStation 5, home-based work and restrictions on international travel, are part of the testing process and some challenges to the quality of the production line, but the console, planned for the 2020 holiday season, continues to evolve with the launch. Sony said in a statement: “Right now, Sony’s gaming software development pipeline is not a big problem for its first-party studios or co-studios.”

Some content:

  • Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox series X console will be launched in 2020. According to The Verge, coronavirus epidemics may delay the development of the program.

  • However, Microsoft will not release exclusive games on any platform in the short term, so there will be no problem in releasing additional games on the console.
  • Sony will probably “like at least some exclusive PS5 games to promote new console sales.”

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