PS5 Game Event Future: Live News and Advertising

The PlayStation 5 has arrived this holiday season, and we haven’t seen the games yet, despite the features of the new generation of consoles.

On Thursday, Sony announced the line of approach to the platform during the Game of Futures event. Demonstrations at the Games event.

New Horizon, Forbidden West

The next entry in the Horizon franchise follows protagonist Alok as he explores the beautiful landscape of the ruins of the United States. Screen biomes include tropical beaches, deserts, and snow-capped mountains. Along the way, he has to deal with monsters, mechanical creatures and the people who follow them.

Resident Evil 8: The Village Trailer makes us cry even more

Resident Evil hero Ethan Winters has been sent to a mysterious forest village where wolves and witches seem to be fleeing in mourning. Longtime hero Chris Redfield is also back.

Deathloop wants you to die… a lot of things

Arkan’s new game has a character trying to kill a man on an island on which if a player dies they are sent back over time. The player has to kill eight important targets to get out of the island using different weapons and be saved from the hands of talented hunters on the way.

Damon Spirits get its due remnant

Laying the foundation of Demon’s Spirits, Dark Spirits, Bloodburn and many more, the software started a time of great success. The game didn’t get as much attention as the Dark Souls of the day, but an upcoming remaster or update gives players a chance to test this underrated ship.

Bagsacks vacation on the suspicious kitchen island

We still don’t know much about Bagsna X, but a very strange trailer showed an enchanting art style and a mysterious plot.

The next NBA video game season is at least scheduled

Basketball fans have got the idea for the next entry in NBA 2K21 in the NBA 2K series, featuring New Orleans Pelicans rock superstar Zion Williamson.

The Little Devil Inside is beautiful, but terrifying

Little Devil Inside is a cartoon monster hunting game where hunting players compete with oceans, wetlands, forests and many more large and small animals (bears, krakes, giant vampire cats). The action was mixed with the view of the city, which is covered in an elderly person’s fearless bathroom break.

Hitman relaunched third agent 47

The trailer shows a glimpse of a mysterious mansion and a glimpse of a future city before the agents show someone or something in the forest (probably Agent 47, the protagonist of the series).

A gameplay trailer showed the player some new devices as well as research in Dubai. Hitman III is scheduled for January 2021.

Solar ash

The new game from the makers of Hyper Light Drifter offers the same kind of neon dry world, but the players continue with the camera behind them.


A new gearbox game, Godfal looks like a weapon-based character / action game like the Devil May Purchase established in the future Greco-Roman world.

Jet: Far coast

A Mysterious Trailer for the Jet: Far Shore shows players explore a sad alien world in a small craft, perhaps creating a new course for people.

Ghostwire: Tokyo gives a high-tech nightmare

Tingo Gamecourse has a new trailer for Shinji Mikami’s new game that shows the player that the first person to explore the world of ghost futures and use strange powers to fight enemies that may or may not be real.

Woodworld is back much more than before

Edworld: Salstorm brings back the classic series by handing over the legendary hero Abe to save his people from a new danger.

Farewell Vulcano High is a dinosaur high school simulator

Goodbye Vulcano High, one of the show’s weirdest names, is played with high school dinosaurs, a rock band that burns their annual books and thinks about the future.

Bought: Bridge of Spirit is a colorful new title

Buy: Bridge of Spirits is a new adventure game featuring a female protagonist with magical powers. He explores a living world with some small, smoky creatures that help him move things using his staff and skills. There are also battles because the player fights with dwarf wooden animals.

Sacboy: A great adventure brings players back to Little Big Planet

The adorable mascot of the Sakboy platform franchise Little Big Planet is back in a new adventure game with some colorful characters.

The magazine wants you to live, die, repeat

A wild trailer for PS5 has unveiled a new exclusive for Return, featuring a female astronaut / space explorer who is reborn and forgets every time she dies.

Straw is considered a cyberpunk cat

Cyberpunk is no ordinary word for cat, but Annapurna has proposed to Streda, who is spiritually established in the city of the future.

Project Ethia Square is a mysterious new game from Enix

Square Enix and Light Manufacturers have unveiled their new project, Project Atheia, for the PS5. The trailer showed a female character as they jumped into the mountains and called for mass roots to capture enemies.

Ratchet and Clank walked again

Ratchet and Clank franchises, Ratchet and Clank: In addition to Rift. In the trailer, Clank stumbles upon a character who fights pirates and jumps into the world, separates from the two, and looks like a paddleshop like a ratchet. The game’s developer says the game will cover dimensional reefs that allow players to jump across the planet as well.

Gran Turismo has done 7 beautiful tunes

The PlayStation’s iconic racing series is back for a new generation with downloadable game trailers. The footage shows some freely displayed cars and first person drivers.

Spider-Man: Miles Morels, rocking vacation in 2020

Spider-Man: A new Spider-Man game called Miles Morales is underway. In the trailer, the alternative universe, Spider-Man, is shown fighting future future armor enemies. The game is coming up in the 2020 holiday season.

Grand Theft Auto 5 on the stand again

Rockstar has announced that an improved version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will come to PS5 in 2021. Grand Theft Auto Online will be sold free to PS5 players when it goes on sale.

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