Prosecutors say he said in a statement that they removed Dunbar from Seahawks for an armed robbery.

MIAMAMI – A Seattle Seahawks restoration quinzer, Dunbar’s attorney, says he has five affidavits signed by witnesses expelling his client in connection with an armed robbery.

Prosecutor Michael Gryako told the Associated Press on Friday that five witnesses testified that Dunbar was not involved in the robbery earlier this week. Greco said the statements in the statement were filed with Broward County prosecutors, but authorities still want Dunbar to be involved.

Greco has contacted authorities about Dunbar’s surrender, but did not say when.

“Law enforcement and the state attorney’s office already know that my client is innocent,” Greco said.

Several witnesses have charged armed robbery at a party after police in Miramar, Florida, issued arrest warrants for Dunbar and New York Giants Dundre Baker for a corner return on Thursday. Every man faces four counts of armed robbery. Baker faced four additional assault charges, including a firearm. The residential community is located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Baker (22) and Dunbar (2M) were taking part in the kitchen of Miramar’s home on Wednesday night, the warrant said. Witnesses told investigators that Bucker, Dunbar and two others started stealing thousands of dollars in cash, watches and other valuables from other people at the party.

Seahawks said they are aware of the situation and they have commented to the league and local investigators.

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