Prop Hunt is coming for Doll of Duty: Warzone?

There are plenty of Royal War Games available on the market, but very few really stand out from the others. Also, to keep fans in the headlines, there is usually a plethora of updates that help bring new content to the game. This will help players give something new to try or perhaps continue a different meta competition. Now it looks like we may soon hit a popular game mode Call of Duty: Warzone title.

Call of Duty: Virgin must have a name recognition that gives players reason to check in to the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has proven to be quite popular as you get the same gameplay style, but a huge map and over a hundred participants seem to be the last ones to stand out. Of course, there are other game modes that will get you involved with other players or friends, but the gameplay is basically the same. Players descend on the map, collect resources, remove the competition, and slowly move to the safe zone as the map begins to shrink.

With that said, we soon saw the Prop Hunt appear at the game. Some files have been leaked from the game by creating references in game mode. If you’re unfamiliar with Prop Hunt, it’s basically a game of hidden and explored game players divided into two groups where a team of props can move around the map without hesitation and at any object they like. From there they will try to hide on the map where they have to try to find and shoot all the props of the other group.

Different games offer different mechanics in this game mode. Some will implement a feature where the object will sound automatically after a period of time, allowing searchers to compress a hidden player. Others create it to frustrate searchers where players can trigger words of their choice. Likewise, when props find a prop while bolting to a new location, they are able to move and change to other objects at any time they want to create gameplay during chaotic times.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this feature is coming as we’ve only seen reports of file leaks inside the game. We’re sure this is something developers are considering, but we’ve also imagined that the size of the map might shrink somewhat because Call of Duty: Verizon makes it difficult to find the tiny little props hidden inside this huge open space.

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