Priscilla Presley speaks after her grandson’s pass

EPA / Lancis Murphy

Priscilla Presley speaks after the tragic death of her grandson Benjamin Keoff.

The actress took to Facebook on Wednesday, admitting that “some dark days” have passed for their family since Benjamin’s day passed. Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has confirmed that the cause of Benjamin’s death was a suicide. He is 27 years old.

“The fear of losing Ben has taken a terrible turn. Priscilla wrote, trying to keep all the pieces to pieces with all possible camouflage. “I wake up and pray every day that it will get better. Then, I think about my daughter and the pain she was going through because she was a mother. “

He continued, “Ben’s father Danny is completely lost, because Ben is his only son,” he continued. “Riley, her so much love and so close to her; Harper and Finlay, who absolutely liked Ben. Navaron is going through a deep struggle with loss and death. Rest in Peace Ben, you fell in love. “

Benjamin was the son of Danny Keoff and Lisa Mary Presley. A representative of Lisa Marie shared with ET that after the death of her son, she has become “completely heartbreaking, unbreakable and destructive.”

“He’s trying to be strong for his 11-year-old twin and his elderly daughter Riley,” the rapper added. “She is OK. She was the love of her life. ”

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