/Princess Eugenie just shared a very special picture

Princess Eugenie just shared a very special picture

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  • This is beautiful.

    The royal family is undoubtedly the most talked about family in the world, Mountbatten-Winders never fails to make viral news.

    In recent years, millennial royals have dominated the spotlight – especially with their uninterrupted marriage and baby news.

    This past year, it was revealed to the world in 2020 that she was expecting her first child with her husband Jack Brooks Bank, who was all about Princess Eugenie.

    And because of the millennium – he did it with an Instagram post.

    “Jack and I are very excited for early 2021,” Eugenie broke the news by posting two photographs – one of which is Baby Beer Boots and the other a smiling couple.

    The Instagram announcement proved to be popular as it was acclaimed for being related to the Princess, and some even thought she might choose to announce her child’s arrival in February via social media.

    This week, Princess Eugenie came up with it again and made headlines for posting another sweet snap on her Instagram page, featuring her husband.

    The caption to the glowing couple’s photo read: ‘3 years ago this year .. when Jack and I announced our engagement … flashback… xx in such a happy moment’.

    And it has proven to be popular, with over 128,000 likes already.

    These two!