Prince Philip Casting in Crown Season – Who will be cast?

Which actor will finish the trilogy of Prince Phillips’ The Crown? Who will follow in the footsteps of Matt Smith and Tobias Menzies to play the Queen’s husband in the final two seasons of the Netflix drama? The casting hasn’t been released yet – but we should give you some inspirational advice.

We already know that Imelda Staunton will play Queen Elizabeth II in seasons five and six, and Leslie Manville will join her sister Princess Margaret.

Looks like this third iteration of the cast will pick up the story in the 1990s, so let’s do some * math *. Prince Philip is currently 99 years old, so we are looking for an actor who can portray him from the age of 69. Here is how he looked at the time in 1992:

And worth it, Imelda Stanton is 644 years old, who was like a queen in 1990.

With all these things in mind, we have selected some great candidates for this job. Casting Directors, Note:

Jeremy Iron

Age: 71

We put Jeremy Irons at the top of our list because he was just perfect, right? Iron is a brilliant, Oscar-winning, acclaimed actor; He’s watching the part, he can do the host English, and he’s about the right age. A non-brainer

Peter Capaldi

Age: 62

Scottish actor Peter Capaldi is probably on the young side for the role, but with a bit of make-up and haircut he can certainly be found to look like Philip. Can he pronounce English? It’s unknown, but we’ll be very interested to bring him his attraction to the crown.

Sam Neil

Age: 72

At the youthful 72-year-old age, Sam Neil is firmly in the right age to play the Queen’s husband. The beard will go though.

David Bradley

Age: 78

David Bradley is probably slightly older than 4-year-old Aimelda Stanton as well as the co-star, but he will be the perfect age by the time we reach the sixth six. The British actor is a well-known actress in the world of acting, whose name has a lot of credit to her, and she looks a lot like the real Prince Philip.

Mark Reliance

Age: 60

Oscar-winner Mark Rylans is certainly on the young side to play Prince Philip (mark number), but we can still see it. The English actor has shown himself to be an impressive, adaptable actor – and he has the necessary blink of an eye.

Michael Douglas

Age: 75

At 75, Michael Douglas is the second veteran actor on our list – but again, he’ll be fit for the next episode! American actor Prince Philip had to pronounce an English to act, but apparently this is the part he wants to see. And as a hugely experienced, Oscar-winning actor he would be a good bet for Netflix.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Age: 63

See, yes, we know Daniel Day-Lewis is officially, of course, retired. But still! If he can be persuaded to return to acting, he will be a very good sign for The Crown. The three-time Oscar winner is a highly respected English actor and it is not hard to imagine him being transformed into Prince Philip. You know he will take it seriously.

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