Prince Harry ‘misses’ his old life as he struggles to adapt to Hollywood life

There are new reports that indicate that Prince Harry is struggling with his new life in Beverly Hills, California, where he complains of being “rootless” and “lacking in structure in his life”.

Harry struggles to adjust to L.A.’s life

The Daily Mail reports that since March, Harry has lived with his wife, Meghan Merkel, and their son, Archie, in a 18 18 million mansion on a high ground in Beverly Hills.

The family moved to Meghan’s hometown of Los Angeles after retiring as a senior member of the British royal family. At that point, Harry was deprived of his preferred military service.

A source told Vanity Fair that Harry was “too busy to keep in touch with friends and colleagues” in the UK via video call, but he felt “somewhat extinct” without a job or friends in California.

“He has many friends in the military community in Britain and of course he misses them,” the source explained. “It’s a very strange time for all of us, but I think Harry is missing the structure in his life right now. Unlike Meghan, he has no friends in LA and has no job. So at the moment he’s a bit rootless, but that won’t always be the case and he knows it. “

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Harry and William contacted again

Royal expert Katie Nicole Entertainment said today that one positive thing is that Harry and his brother Prince William are “back in touch”, which is a lot for the comfort of the rest of the royal family.

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“They made video calls together, they had lots of family birthdays and I don’t think there was a good deal with Prince Charles that really forced the brothers to pick up the phone and reconnect,” Nicole said. “I think Kate and William lose Harry and Meghan a bit but they definitely miss Harry (stay) and a part of their lives.”

Harry misses life, especially in military life.

“He misses his uncles in the army,” said a source close to him. “She told her friends she still couldn’t believe it had happened. She can’t believe her life has turned upside down. “

Correction: Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel live in Tyler Perry’s $ 18M Hollywood Mansion, thanks to Oprah

Meghan got what she always wanted – Harry gave up everything

“Megoxit”, as it was called, certainly paid for Meghan. She returned to her hometown as a princess. And finally, he has achieved the many Hollywood lifestyles that he dreamed of working for years as a struggling actor.

On the contrary, Harry had to give up everything he knew and prefer to go to a completely different world.

In fact, English media personality Katie Hopkins shared this about the situation:

New verb: for corona

Meaning: To alienate someone from what they love, to destroy a person or people in order to achieve dishonest goals

Example: “Meghan Merkel cast Prince Harry”. # COVID19

– Katie Hopkins (@KTHPkpins) May 12, 2020

He sold some of his most valuable handmade rifles and apparently left the hunt at Meghan’s request.

To make matters worse, Hollywood is notorious for the shallowest places on the planet. So adapting to life is not an easy task for anyone, especially for a foreign country. And not that they’ve created a veil of privacy, he’s more isolated. Did they really think that people would not find where they lived?

Is there a problem in heaven in this house? It will be interesting to see how long Harry is able to endure in the world of Hollywood’s A-list. Did Harry already realize he had made a huge mistake?

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