Prince Charles knew Meghan Merkel was not long for The Farm

Prince Charles was saddened, but he was not shocked when his son Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan Merkel moved to America.

While the future king of England liked and admired his daughter-in-law, Nigel Couthorne, author of the new Tom, told the London Sun, “Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace,” [Prince Charles] Strong women like it, but the farm has room for only one queen. “

People inside and outside the palace call it the “business direction of the British royal family.”

“I think he’s already seen enough problems for the firm,” Catherine said. “Harry and Meghan praised the Prince’s popularity at the time, as they did in the days of Prince Andrew and Fergie. However, for the firm he would feel better about the consequence that the monarchy is smaller in size than the stars in individual orbits. “

Charles, who really liked Meghan and nicknamed her “Tungsten” after the hard metal, “said Carthorn,” and Harry and Meghan really tried to support what he was looking for. “True, however, he could do nothing but give moral support. There is no doubt that he would not personally view his son and family as much as he would otherwise reg … he prefers tradition and discipline.”


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