Prince Andrew in hot water when America demands to talk to him about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex ring

Federal prosecutors investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s ring on sex trafficking are asking British officials to turn Prince Andrew into an interrogator, The Sun reported, The Sun reported.

The report, published nearly six months after Attorney Geoffrey Berman of the United States in southern New York, gave “zero cooperation” to the investigation into Andrew Epstein, who sexually abused several minor girls.

According to The Sun, the U.S. Department of Justice “officially informed the United Kingdom (that) the Duke of York is now stuck in a probation sentence for the first time.” (Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace have denied involvement in the 60-year-old royal sex.)

The Daily Beast left a message for the Queen’s Chief Press Secretary, referring to Prince Andrew’s request to comment on lawyers. A source close to the Duke’s legal team told the Daily Beast: “Legal negotiations with the DOJ are subject to strict confidentiality rules, as described in their own guidelines.”

The source added, “We have decided to abide by both the letter and the spirit of these rules,” and so we have not commented on what to do with the DOJ this year. We believe in the game of straight bat. ”

Epstein’s victim, Virginia Roberts Giffre, has long claimed that the financier forced her to have sex with Andrew (who denied it, in a BBC interview where he suggested that she should have a picture with Jeffrey).

In Netflix’s Epstein-Doku series, published last month, a former employee of the perverted finance director claims he saw Andrew “grind” on a topless girl while visiting a private island in Epstein, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Sun reported that the DOJ had made a request to the UK Government’s Home Office for “mutual legal assistance” – which is used in criminal cases pursued by foreign authorities. This request could have Andrew testify in a British court, in a written or oral statement under oath, according to the tabloid.

Geoffrey, meanwhile, did not hesitate to thank supporters for bringing allegations of sexual harassment against Prince and writing letters to their MPs about the allegations.


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