Previous winners were contacted about joining the BB22 cast this summer

Will Nicole Franzel return for Big Brother: All Stars 2? Peak Credit: CBS

Big brother All Star will probably return to CBS. While working on the BB22 cast, it looks like the producers have approached former winners about playing in the summer 2020 season.

So, big brother: could it really be All Star 2 this summer? This is possible, especially after receiving good news about the lifting of the ban on re-shooting on California television shows.

We already knew that CBS would not give up trying to hold on to the flaws this summer. The network also released a statement specifically referring to the older brother, but they still hold a lot of information.

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We then learned that the casting director had approached a semi-finalist who wanted to be a member of the cast of BB22. It all boiled down to getting some good news on the horizon for Big Brother fans.

But now, rumors of the well-known Big Brother All-Stars have resurfaced, this time from a report published online in a US magazine.

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Big Brother: Will all the stars happen 2?

According to US Magazine, he is in contact with many former winners, whose older brother has contacted him about taking part in the new season of All Stars. Some of them have already rejected the report.

Putting BB22 together with all that is going on across the country is a difficult situation and there are probably plenty of guests in the house who may have health concerns.

While some fans of the show wanted the producers to put on a new All-Star cast for a while, other viewers competed for cash prizes every summer in the new summer. This is a very balanced job for the manufacturers.

In keeping with the Big Brother 22 cast, producers can be prepared to take a mix of ex-house guests and newcomers to give CBS an interesting entertainment.

Big Brother 22 When is the start date?

If everything is still scheduled, Big Brother 22 start date will be at the end of June. As it stands, CBS and the show’s producers aim to resume work

Members of the show and its actors need to have plenty of hoop to run and run the product safely, so Big Brother 22 may have to predict possible delays in the start date.

With all the worries that Big Brother could be canceled in the 2020 season, this is really great news. Now, we can all start discussing who are the best guests in the house to be invited back for the second time.

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