Preview of Watford Premier League return Luther Bliss set exclusive Q&A

Watford are ending their five-year Premier League spell.

The Hornets started extremely poorly under Xavi Gracia. The Spanish boss quickly ignited the feat he had achieved by reaching the FA Cup final just a few months ago.

Quick Sanchez Flores returned to Vicarage Road but won only once in three months and by then the door had been shown once more.

The task fell into the hands of Nigel Pearson, who put the Hornets in great form before the start of the initial buzz. Assuming the classification won’t pull the trigger on their campaign’s third manager, will Pearson be able to regain his squad before it’s too late? He has nine Premier League fixtures left to complete his mission.

We talked before returning to Waterford legend Luther Blisset, as well as gathered all you need to know about the Hornets.

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At Watford 2019/20

Location: 17th

Manager: Nigel Pearson

Top scorers: Troy Dini (6 goals)

Maximum help: Gerard Deulofeu (5 assists)

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Watford could be one of the planned Premier League units of the year. Can you read them? Because I’m fighting.

The never-ending joyous-go-round of managers seals a mark on each team, leaving the Hornets with a patchwork blanket squad. It’s not a bad team, it’s a bizarre thing to analyze.

Although Gerard Deulofeu and Abdoule Ducour are brilliant, it is hard to believe that missing Ismail Sarr has become a real handful, but it is difficult to judge whether he was running a wave of form or class in the final weeks before the lockdown.

Many clubs dreamed of boasting a Troy Dean amulet striker but in 2019/2020 so far he has netted six times in 17 appearances.

Pearson has received sketchy results ranging from the shaking of his inherited players to ridiculous ones. The results were followed by an early seven-game unbeaten run with seven wins. And it was the then unbeaten Liverpool 3-0 defeat. They followed it with a defeat at Crystal Palace.

Hornets are a wild card side that can bring real danger to anyone in their day but they are only capable of humble surrender. Who knows?

Luther Bliss says set.

Q: What do you still make for the Watford season?

LB: After the season started I felt like it was over and now we have this cup round, knock out or playoffs coming right now, but we still have nine games to play. It’s been a weird time, but our last game was a memorable one for Watford. Memories of that season since the turn of the year, the game they won at Liverpool

Q: Which player impressed you the most?

LB: (Ismaila) It’s hard not to mention Sir. He (Liverpool) was very good at the game and we got a glimpse of it while he was here. Really glad to see who found this form for us when we really needed it. He was great in that game, revealing something for us. My other favorite at the moment is Adam Masina – he was very good. And Christian Cabasel is looking for the form that was talking to him at other clubs. They were very, very good for us.

Q: Which player is disappointed? Who has to prove it?

LB: They all got a point to prove it. We are fourth from the bottom. We are still not out of the forest in any way. The problem when you’re not acting as a unit is the players who get a little different about them, you don’t see much of it when the team plays with indifferent form. It’s a continuity of the team that enables these players to cut more than anyone else. Consistent with the team’s performance, Watford need to find them in the position that this season has shown a glimpse of the level that (Gerard) Deulofeu and (Abdoulaya) Docour prefer.

Q: What will be the impact on the lockdown team?

LB: For Watford, everyone else has done well because of injuries or swallows or whatever the players may have, it’s almost like a reset button. You’ve got nine games to go to hell for skin to get results. You can see the end now. You will see the end of the season when you usually start it is not or more months away. It’s nine games away for players and staff and everyone involved.

Q: How do you rate Nigel Pearson this season?

LB: This break could work very well for him because he had the opportunity to talk a lot with his players every day without the stress of his training sessions and everything you do in a week. He can talk to them about their game and what he wants from them without any interruption in playing games. The jury is out until the end of the season. A lot of people say ‘he’s the one, he’s the one’ but you can’t judge until the end of the season because there are ups and downs. I always remember what Graham Taylor said: ‘At the end of the season, the table never lies’. I didn’t go out and think “oh yeah he’s brilliant on this” or whatever, I’m just looking at him to make what you’re doing successful and in the end we can have a proper evaluation.

Q: Where will Watford end up in the Premier League this season?

LB: I myself, like the Watford supporters, hope that they will not be less than where they are now! It would be appropriate to end up in that position without being greedy, just stay in the Premier League next season. It’s in their hands and when something starts they can surprise some people with their level of performance and they have a chance to finish higher.

Luther was involved in the Watford Helps initiative, which aimed to help vulnerable people in a variety of ways during the COVID-19 lockdown. To read more easily about volunteers, donations, or their great work, visit Volunteers.

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