Poll: Are you trying iOS 14 beta or waiting to read?

Apple last month announced iOS 14 at WWDC 2020, featuring a newly designed home screen and widgets, app library, car keys and more. Although the developer beta preview has been available since June, Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 14 this week. Now we want to know if you are already trying iOS 14 on your device or if you have decided to wait before the fall.

This is because beta software is often unstable and can cause compatibility issues with third-party applications.

Still, some users are eager to try newer versions of iOS first. This year, iOS 14 stood out for its big changes to the home screen interface, which was almost the same as the first iPhone in 2007.

For the first time, you can add widgets to the home screen and combine them with application icons. These widgets can be placed in different ways and in different sizes. There’s also an app library, a new place to automatically organize all installed apps without leaving them on the home screen.

IOS 14 also comes with several new features and we have already covered a few of them here on 9to5Mac. These include changing the default email and browser applications, more accessibility options, car keys, new translation apps and more.

The official release of iOS 14 is only expected later this year, so regular users will have to wait until they get all these new features. However, iOS 14 is now available to members of the Apple Beta software program, we want to know about you.

Are you already trying iOS 14 on your device? Or have you decided to wait until the fall? Let us know in the poll below and describe in detail in the comments!

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