Police chief Uck will retire at the end of the year’s law enforcement service in the town of Tuck

Duck, NC. (WNCT) Chief John Quito has announced his retirement after five years of dedicated service in the duck police department.

The effective date for Chief Queto’s retirement is planned to be given time to transfer to the Police Department on August 4th.

In 2015, through a pool of more than 100 candidates through a comprehensive recruitment process, Queto was elected as the postal police chief.

He began his law enforcement career in 1987 through the Bridgeport, Connecticut Police Department where he worked to assist the head and commander of the emergency services unit.

Queto holds a master’s degree in criminal justice and a bachelor’s degree from the FBI National Academy.

He is also a member of the Police Executive Research Forum and the Police of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

While in the post office, Mr. Queto served on the board of the County Crime Line Board and as a regional director of the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police, where he was able to draw attention to the needs of police officers throughout East North Carolina. .

The identification of significant grant funds allowed him to champion the county-wide automatic license plate reader system, which is effective as a crime prevention and an important investigative tool.

Within his department, Queto has established a nationally recognized organizational structure, integrated the fleet of police vehicles to create omnipotence, and established practical policing practices to virtually eliminate property crime.

He worked with the Town Council to recruit and recruit three new police officers and to support officer training opportunities that resulted in all officers obtaining advanced law enforcement certifications.

Under his leadership, the Town of Postal Police Department partnered with Exxon Enterprises to launch the first department-wide body camera system in Dare County.

Similarly, the department works with Farsnet to take the call to a communication platform designed for first responders.

During his time with Dak, he has been revered by the community and enjoyed interacting with citizens through his Brown Bag Lunch ceremony.

Mayor Don Kingston said, “Chief Queto has been a great leader for the department in a very short time here. “He will miss the community very much, but I know he is looking forward to what new opportunities there are for him.”

Kieto plans to return to his birthplace Connecticut to be with his wife Erica as soon as the next chapter of his life begins.

Town manager Chris Layton said “Chief Quet’s presence will be missed,” but could tolerate the positive impact he had on his program and his officials. “The town will soon begin looking for a new chief.

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