Pokemon Go has become more accessible for those who play at home

Everyone knows about Pokemon. The franchise is huge and over the years we have seen it in several Pokemon animated series, movies, video games. However, what kept some fans away from the guards was the Pokemon attacking smartphone. Back in 2016, which felt like a million years ago at the moment, we got the smartphone title Pokemon Go for iOS and Android. The title was hugely popular and everyone was enjoying the game.

When Pokemon Go was first brought to market, players could use location services on their smartphones and move on to the real world by hunting to capture Pokemon. I’m sure you can all remember the park as well as the number of people walking out of the city sidewalk and even going to their cars when they go to the next parking lot to look for different Pokemon or Jim from their Pokemon. It was a fun thrilling experience and of course it has become quite unusual today.

Thanks to the spread of global health epidemics, nothing more happens. It’s about being socially away from others and as a result it shuts down the experience of a lot of players who are still in the Pokemon Go or just making headlines. After all, when you search for Pokemon through your smartphone location services, a large portion of Pokemon Go is hanging out with friends. Fortunately, for this title it is not disappointing and disappointing.

According to a report from Pocket Gamer, it appears that Pokemon Go is using a more powerful span which means that Pokemon is appearing a bit more than before. You’ve got Pokemon roaming around your house which means you can enjoy this game without having to go outside. Also going out with the winter season is a bit of a chore depending on your location. At any rate, if you haven’t done so in a while, you should give the app a try.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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