PlayStation Summer Sale is now live; Titles like Resident Evil 3, Star Wars: The JD Fallon Order and more

A new PlayStation sale has been announced and gamers looking for some new games to choose from will be lucky!

With summer sales titles, gamers will save up to 50% on some amazing titles like Resident Evil 3, Star Wars: JD Fallen Order and Epic West – Red Dead Redemption. The summer sale is now available for streaming and whether you come from North America or Europe you will be able to choose some new games for cheaper!

Check out the official announcement of the Neethan Clark Associate Digital Promotion below:

Along with the intensely heated weather in the Northern Hemisphere comes a flashback to PlayStation Store sales. It’s cleverly titled Summer Sales and it starts today

If you’re joining us from Europe, you’ll find a full list of games for sale here. North American players, scan the following. Uncertain about a digital experience for the summer? We can offer a thrilling escape through an unexpectedly-destroyed Raccoon City (Resident Evil 3), run the Lightsbar against the expanded American Frontier (Red Dead Redemption 2) or the surviving Evil Empire (Star Wars JD: Fallen Order).

The PlayStation is full of a ton of great games and running the latest Summer Sale, giving gamers more options to choose the form. Do you plan on picking some new games for sale? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog

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