PlayStation Details Top Downloads of the Month 2020; Latest our Part 2 Crown Top Spot

Justin Masangil, Content Communications Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has taken to the PlayStation Blog to detail the top downloads for June 2020 for the PlayStation platform.

June 2020 was a huge month for the PlayStation brand and it was the latest title of Naughty Dog – The Last of You Part 2 with Bottom: Rehydrated, Elder Scrolls: Graymore and more.

But of course, there was a game that was always at the top of the list and that must be our last part 2 Part In addition to the description of the top PS4 games, the blog post has gone into detail at the top with PSVR games, DLC add-ons and much more.

See the full list of PlayStation downloads below PlayStation download:

PS4 Games

United States / CanadaEU1 Our latest part IIThe latest our second part Second Call 2: Dall of Call: Modern Warfare Sports FIFA 203 Grand Thefe Auto VC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4EA Sports FIFA 20 Grand Theft Auto V5 Minecrafts Last of Remastered Full Version 10 Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six Sikkiminicraft Danziones 11 Days Guntom Clancy’s Rainbox Six | SIEGE12Mortal Mortal Kombat 11ARK: Survival Evolved13Red dead 2eFootball PES 202014SpongeBob SquarePants: Bikini Bottom to fight for – WarThe Witcher’s RehydratedF1 201915Madden NFL and 20Red dead 216God 3: Wild Hunt17THE FORESTTEKKEN 718Assassin’s Creed OdysseyUncharted: Lost Legacy19EA game UFC 3Stranded Deep20Assassin’s Creed OriginsAssassin’s Religion Odyssey

PS VR Games

United States / CanadaEU1 JourneyByte Saber2Suppert VRL Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners 3The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Blood and Truth 4Bits Saberspurat VR5 Job Simulator GORN6 Astro BOT Rescue MissionRCORCOR7CRBROCR

Free-to-play games

United States / CanadaEU1 Call of Duty: Version Call of Duty: Warzone 2 FortniteFortNet 3 Apex Legend Top Legend 4 BRACDASTINI 25 DISTINI 2 BRAWLALA 6 BRAWLAFUTBAL PES 2020 LIGHT 7 DANTLES RACKING

DLC and expansion

United States / CanadaEU1 fornite – yellowjackat packfortnit – yellowjackat pack 2 fornite – iris packfortnit – iris pack 3 GTA Online: Criminal Enterprise Starter Packfortnit: Save the World – Standard Founder’s Pack 4 Mortal Man: The City That Never Sleeps – Duty Modern Warfare Season Pass 6 Call – Code Fearless Pactum Clancy’s Rainbow Six Blockade – Year 5 Pass 7 Killed by Daylight: Silent Hill Chapter Powered by Daylight: Silent Hill Chapter 8 Tom Clanry’s Rainbow Six Blockade – Year 5 Pastor Wars Batfront II: Celebration Edition Upgrade 9 Destiny 2: Shadowkeeper-10 Never Sleep Old Scroll Online: Graymur Upgrade

In related news, Sony went to the PlayStation blog yesterday to announce the winner of the best title of the 2020 fan-voting month.

Every month the PlayStation blog releases a poll where readers can vote for the best title for that particular month, but with June 2020 getting such a big month for the PlayStation you would be surprised, which title was chosen? Click here to find the winner!

With the PlayStation officially closing in June 2020, another big month is coming in July. Which games do you think will take first place next month? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog

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