PlayStation Blog Player Election Winner Goes to Final Fantasy 7 Remake in April 2020

Sony has officially shut down the voting results, for which fans voted for the best title in April 2020. There were plenty of great games to choose from here, but the winner went to Square Enix’s epic Final Fantasy 7.

Justin Masangil, head of content communications at Sony Interactive Entertainment, went to the PlayStation blog to spread the exciting news. The Final Fantasy 7 remake certainly deserves a winner, as it has attracted the hearts of the newcomers to the extraordinary entry of heavy veterans who have died as a great suffrage.

It should be noted that April 2002 is a long time ago when it comes to new titles. We’ve seen Resident Evil 3 remakes, Duty Modern Warfare Call 2 remastered, and much more. However, they have teamed up with the Final Fantasy 7 remake, number one.

See the winner’s announcement under the PS blog:

Last month, Final Fantasy 8th Remake reached out to arrow fans with a landslide victory in the April “Player Selection” poll. The ambitious upgrade to Square Enix brought in about three-quarters of the total vote, with Resident Evil 3 and Streets of Rage completing the top three in 4 months.

In related news, Sony has described in detail the best downloaded games for April 2020. Since I consider the above, a lot of great games were released in April 2020, so at least there is some speculation as to where this number is. Learn more about the best downloaded PS4 titles for April 2020.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake is now available for purchase on PS4. Have you ever taken epic remedies? Let us know in the comments what you think so far.

Source: PS Blog

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