Pixel Buddhas: A month later, providing joy and frustration

It’s been a month since I reviewed Google’s Pixel Bud so I can dedicate some more time to discovering earrings. Starting the first week, my impressions seemed like them but time and updates have increased them a bit. A month later, I still enjoy the pixel buds very well, but I have several big complaints.

To get my feedback back I appreciated the Pixel Bud for audio which is pretty good to look at, a great system that is very convenient and also appreciates the smart features that work with Android devices. That hasn’t changed in the last few weeks. For convenience alone, the pixel buds go to my ears.

The adaptive term is original and incredible when it works

The pixel bud was launched at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic. Most people limit time from another person and spend most of the time at home making it impossible to test pixel buds, one of the best features of adaptive sound. I’m not sure if firmware updates have changed the power of this feature, as I’ve been able to get a little more out of it, but if it does, the term adaptive is great.

The adapted sound uses microphones on the outside of the pixel bud to hear the surrounding environment and detect it getting louder and louder. When this happens, the buds temporarily adjust the volume of your song to compensate.

I first noticed this feature when my dog ​​usually moved into the air-conditioning unit. The volume of the music I was listening to gradually increased as I got closer and then stopped a few hours later when I was away from A / C.

This is the first time I noticed the adaptive sound, but I often noticed it a few weeks after that encounter. When it works, the adaptive term is really quick and useful, but sometimes it seems a bit short. Especially, when it’s not a carrying car or a strong wind, there’s a loud noise in the area when the shots are fired, it’s great.

Audio cuts are complex and inconsistent

Same thing about Google here: They’re wrong with Bluetooth. Nexus, Pixel, Chromebooks, whatever you call it, it’s probably not that good Bluetooth. In the beginning, the Pixel Bud was a stunning and interesting exception. Bluetooth support has been great!

But that has changed since this review was made. The original firmware I used, 225, was fine, but 295 updates completely disrupted my performance. Like many other users, the Bluetooth features of my Pixel Bud are often dragged down while outside, but I work inside. She is angry.

Also this morning, I was walking my dog ​​and listening to the Buddhas as I listened to them every day, and when I hit the sidewalk they started biting the Buddhas. Then came the time when they were good. Then they cut it again. Then both eyes paused for a second, turned to the right and finally to the left. This constant incoherence is as annoying as it is annoying.

Adding inconsistencies can also link these issues to a specific update! Kyle Bradshaw mentioned to me that there was a problem before the 295 update from the beginning of his Pixel Bud and other users complained about the same thing!

Google seems to want to fix this in future firmware updates, but there is no timeline for that. Pixel Bud has a recommendation for me, but until this update is reversed, there is a star attached to that recommendation.

A month ago, these problems did not exist in my pixel bud, but now they make the product Boundary line It cannot be used, at least outdoors. I hope you can fix it, Google.

Firmware updates are confusing

Let’s talk about the audio trim problem caused by the update, let’s talk about one more question I noticed in the pixel bud. Firmware updates are really confusing for a number of reasons.

On the one hand, firmware updates are “installed automatically”. This means that if you use Buddha with another device, such as a PC, Chromebook or iPad, you will not receive any updates until it is connected to an Android phone and you do not know when it will be installed. .

Also, I’ve noticed that firmware updates don’t always stick. When launching Firmware 295, I installed it when I paired it with OnePlus 8 Pro. Then I went back to my Pixel 4XL and somehow I read that the buds were on the firmware 225 again. A few hours later, it was updated to 295 in the background How? Why ?!

Write how my pixel buds come back to the original firmware but they are and the audio cuts go and the adaptive sound continues to work * so good *

– Ben Shun (@NexasBen) June 1, 2020

Another scam, Google doesn’t show what’s new in these firmware updates. Does it solve the problem? If so, which one? Does it add any new features? Who said that? It’s a very small thing to most people, but it’s something that Google should pick at one stage.

The pixel bud is still “so good?”

As mentioned, my pixel bud review was brilliant. I loved headphones. Some things have also improved compared to last month. This “bleaching” point is largely exploratory. Battery life is good for my use. The load case did very well. The advantage, again, is basically non-existent.

Still, the bright glasses of the audio cut change the pixel tuning. I am not too quick to recommend or praise. Google Demand To fix it. Don’t buy pixel buds until you qualify.

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