Picotaro’s latest music video is a collage with video game icon Pikachu, see here

Picotaro, most notorious for his pen pineapple pen song (PPAP), has released a new music video, but this time around there is a video game icon – Pikachu!

Yes, there is a collage with Picataro Picachu and they have made a weird, bizarre, yet beautiful music video together. Heading from Pico to Pico, in the video Picatario and Pikachu are dancing and singing and to be honest it’s really fun to watch.

Penn Anarpol Penn was very interesting and took the internet by storm, probably with the presence of Pikachu, Pikachu and Picotaro – the two sensations will again become the cross-border craze! The music video went live today and we linked it below so you can watch it in full

Check out the bizarre and interesting Pika song video below:

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUNo4aB8xFE (/ embed)

Picotaro took to YouTube to express his gratitude for collaborating with a dream icon like Picchu. Check out the shared message on YouTube below:

A dream collaboration with the world famous “Paikachu”! We wanted to create something special that would make everyone happy ☺ and have fun sitting at home because people around the world are sitting at home this summer. There are obviously gaps in the conversation between Pikachu and Picottaro but you must be having a good time interacting with each other! Let’s sing and dance with Pikachu and Picataro sing

So, what do you think of Picotaro’s latest song? Was it interesting? Did you like Pikachu’s involvement? Let us know what you think below!

Source: YouTube

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