Photo Surface of PS5 DualSense as well as DualShock 4

By 2020 we knew that Sony had plans to roll out their next generation PlayStation console known as the PlayStation 5 There have been many months since 2020 that we met in silence from Sony. Thanks to the coronavirus with the health epidemic outbreak, Sony probably had to reconsider their marketing for their consoles and its peripherals. Finally, we finally got to see some information about the next generation Sony Gear.

One of Sony’s first releases is actually a new controller. Without introducing the name DualShock 5, which we probably thought most of this next-generation console controller would be called, we were introduced to DualSense instead. This is a new iteration of DualShock that takes on the same form but with new features that will give gamers a more immersive experience.

Sony has a way of doing this through the haptic response. The noise of the controller will vary between different terrains. In fact, there was a statement from Godfell’s director long ago that said you would be able to feel the difference when a sword collided with another weapon. In addition, there was talk of a resistance trigger system that gives players different sensations like drawing behind a bow.

We’ve seen the controller a few times now through internet marketing photos and videos. It was recently caught next to a dualshock. The image comes from journalist Jeff Kegley and while the overall size seems to be present there, the dualsense overall seems a bit larger. We’re interested in what gamers will think about the regulator when it’s finally available in the market, but that’s another question that Gold answers.

Nowadays, we know that the PlayStation 5 is starting to hit the market sometime this holiday season. We do not yet have a specific release date attached to the console and cannot be sure how much the console will return to us once it is released.

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