Philadelphia Ers 76 Year All-Star Ben Simmons to play Orlando Disney World Bubble, Coach Brett Brown

“Is he going to be 100 percent?

“I don’t expect that

“But I think he’s going to be available.”

The NBA season will resume July 31 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

A “bubble” will be created at the resort to limit the exposure of players, coaches and other officials to COVID-19, including games without spectators.

This shutdown could benefit 76 people who were on low treatment at the time of the stop.

Simmons was injured, the talented team dropped to sixth in the weaker Eastern Conference and has lost 24 of their 34 matches so far.

All-star Ben Simmons was pinched when the NBA season was stopped three months ago.

Bookmakers in Las Vegas rated the 76ers as the sixth best chance to win their title, considering them a decent championship threat.

This is despite the annoying road record of 76 people and this will take the knot away from the comfort of the Philadelphia Home Court.

With more than 76 prospects at the Eastern Conference, the bookies only consider the Milwaukee Box and the Boston Celtics to be better prospects.

Favorite overall title just before the Los Angeles Lakers Box and LA Clippers.

The other main question mark of the Ers 76 is the fitness and attitude of All Star Center Joel MBD.

MBD told that he worked six times a week during the epidemic.

“I have something to prove,” Embed said.

“Whenever the opportunity arises, I will have time.”


With the exception of the championship, there are three players – Simmons (five-year, US169.6 million contract extension), Tobias Harris (five-year, $ US180m) and Al Horford (four-year, 10 US109m).

If they fail to win the title at Orlando, or the Eastern Conference, Brown will probably lose his job and Simmons will be called upon to trade there.

Brown also acknowledges concerns about COVID-19 that could interfere with the player somewhat.

“The real fear is the question of whether the boys want to be there,” Brown said.

“None of us can dismiss it – it’s human nature.

“To get out of the epidemic, it will be very easy for everyone to think that they are hooligans.”


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