Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan are cycling to the PDA in California

Kelly Flanagan and Peter Weber were ready for the PDA in Los Angeles this week. Credit Peak: ABC

Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan have confirmed their romance after the two parted ways in Chicago.

They’ve been together since March when they shared his three-room apartment with Peter’s best friend Dustin Kendrick.

Although they both don’t share any videos that kiss or cuddle, keep PDAs to a minimum on social media, they couldn’t stay this week.

Kelly and Peter shared their fires in the woods and revealed that they had no problem showing their love for each other in a pleasant place.

Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan do not hide their love

They both took pictures of the fire and shared it on social media. Kelly shared the title that she knew there were a handful of things out there, so it’s good that Peter has two hands.

In the photo, they are holding Kelly and laughing. In the next picture he is sitting on his shoulder.

In the photos, they mix both after the camo equipment and in the woods. Instagram @Backelortespil account could not understand the photos because he shared that Peter Westlake was an ambitious DJ and Kelly was a Chicago lawyer.

They hunted for their first post-show film.

Since we are all in a global epidemic, the picture has a ridiculous angle.

Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan show their love in the forest. Credit Pick: @BackelortSpil / Instagram

Kelly and Peter were spotted outside Los Angeles and the paparazzi didn’t notice that they were watching.

The Daily Mail shared these with a tandem bike and stopped for a kiss with a lot of affection.

Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan made a trivial trip during the epidemic

This week, it was revealed that Peter and Kelly took a trivial trip to Los Angeles. They both resisted the order to stay in Illinois.

Peter had to work as a pilot and travel, there is no reason why Kelly left.

Peter already has a bad reputation for being a bachelor.

While fans thought he was mad for some of his decisions throughout the show, Chris Harrison himself revealed that he told Peter to hold the collar and keep him together.

But Peter finds his happy ending because he is satisfied with Kelly, the woman he sent home just before his own city date.

Graduation is currently on break.

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