/Performance leaks at Pixel 4 with battery test

Performance leaks at Pixel 4 with battery test

The Google Pixel 4 was supposed to be announced yesterday, but Google has dropped Google’s plans for the I / O cancellation episode. Now the leak cycle continues and today, the Pixel 4 is tested through performance and battery testing to see how it endures compared to the previous Pixel.

There is a big caution before we discover these searches. The unit on this Pixel 4 is at least a few months old and some of its programs have been clearly modified – as evidenced by the vibrating status bar at the top. It doesn’t take any of its results as tangible evidence of what the Pixel 4 will actually do, but instead has a little insight into how it will differ from the Pixel 3A.

Looking at the criteria, the Pixel 4 scored 268973 on the Antu. It’s just below the Pixel 3 XL, and the Pixel 4 surpasses it as well, but the good news here is it’s a good jump from the Pixel 3A, which was able to score 192779 You can see the full results that XDA has collected here. Other tests using Pismark, GFX Bench and Geekbench reflect these results.

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The interior of the Pixel 4A is quite finished at the moment, so the performance shouldn’t be too different as soon as it starts. As mentioned earlier, although the software here differs from how the device will be transmitted, it can affect things as well.

This video also shows the results of battery life. The 3,080mAh battery in the Pixel 4A has some users worried about previous leaks, but the results don’t seem too bad. It turns out that the results shown in the video above and the image below only came from performance testing, so 5 hours and 11 hours of play on different screen shots may not reflect actual usage at all.

We’ll definitely be learning more about the Pixel 4A in the next couple of weeks, when its launch is near, so stay tuned!

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