PCS will continue the mix of in-personal and virtual classes

Pete County, NC. (WNCT) – Pete County schools continue to offer a mix of private and virtual lessons

The school board is supporting face-to-face learning despite a recommendation for short-term transfers to remote guidelines.

Board County Health Director Dr. John asked Silvernail for his recommendation on CVVID management.

Silvernill Pete County Schools suggested removing all virtual education for a month.

In a letter to the board, he suggested going to the remote flame due to the increasing number of cases in the ECU.

Hundreds of students at the university had lawsuits before the graduates were transferred this week.

But at a meeting Thursday, the school board voted to continue the option of private education for students.

Some teachers say they are fighting.

“I would say that we’re scared of common sense,” said Mary Katherine Hearst, a teacher at South Central High School. “We are trying our best not to portray fear in our students. We’re always trying to be completely ‘positive patties’ because there’s a lot of trauma and stress and anxiety coming to school about what’s already happening to them. “

Benji Forrest, a member of the school board, said he had heard positive feedback about personal advice.

“I have more than 70 lessons today from parents, students, faculty and staff,” he said. “The only thing they wanted to say was how much they appreciated that we gave them this opportunity to face them.”

On Thursday, school board members voted 7 to 2 to continue the front-facing class

Hearst says he is tired of answering questions like this:

“Microsoft. Hearst, are some of us dying? This is not a question I want to answer for teenagers.”

County officials are also monitoring the number of cases.

Dr. Silvernail will meet with county commissioners Monday afternoon to discuss an update on the county’s COVID status.

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