Patients are filling up beds in the largest cities in India

NEW DELHI – India has recorded another 10,000 plus cornovirus infections as patients flooded healthcare in its largest cities.

On Tuesday, the health ministry also received reports of three deaths from Covid-19 in 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 9,900.

The 10,667 new cases put the country’s total number at 343,091, the fourth highest in the world than the United States, Brazil and Russia. The actual number is thought to be much higher somewhere in the world, for a few reasons, such as limited testing.

The westernmost state of Maharashtra, the financial and entertainment capital of India, has the highest number of states in the state. Mumbai, Chennai and the capital New Delhi are seeing growing infections watering down their healthcare.

Delhi is a growing concern as the federal government seeks communications and criticizes the hospital’s capacity. The capital has about 10,000 beds dedicated to COVID-19 patients, half of which are already occupied. Hotels and sports stadiums are being considered for use as field hospitals.


Here’s what you need to know about the virus:

– China has lifted some travel restrictions on the capital to control a new outbreak, citing calls to remain vigilant as America, Europe and Latin America continue to reopen.

– Healthcare workers treat patients with the virus and calculate the psychological damage to their work in the risk of recurrence.

– According to US data, the mortality rate is 12 times higher for patients with chronic sickness virus, 6 times more likely to be hospitalized than otherwise healthy patients.

– A judge ruled that the U.S. Vice-Chancellor’s Department should release $ 679 million of the coronavirus relief fund for the tribes that it wanted to earn, when a challenge to pay tribute to tribal governments has been raised in court.

– Many businesses are asking customers and employees to sign forms so they won’t sue if they catch coronavirus.

– The baseball commissioner says the whole season is in jeopardy after the crash of the money issue.


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Here’s what’s happening:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – New Zealand is no longer free of the new coronavirus after two women flew in from London to look positively at a dead parent’s test.

The new cases began a round of trials for anyone close to them, including their flight attendants and crew, a hotel staff member and family members.

The women are isolated and have delayed their parents’ janaza until they recover.

Twenty-two people have died from New Zealand COVID-19 and each of the 1,500 people infected by Tuesday has recovered.


MANILA, Philippines – Philippine authorities have placed a central city under strict lockdown and maintained isolation restrictions in the capital for another two weeks as coronavirus infections are on the rise.

President Rodrigo Duterte, in a televised meeting Monday night with cabinet officials, approved a recommendation to re-lock the city of Cebu and maintain segregation restrictions in the metropolitan city of Manila, where about 26,500 infections and more than a thousand deaths have been recorded.

First imposed in mid-March, COVID-19 bans in metropolitan Manila are among the longest in the world.

“The war with the Cavid is not over,” Duterte said. “I can’t stop you from going out and I can’t catch you all … don’t blame us. Don’t forget that we warned you of dire consequences.”


HONOLULU – A woman traveling with a group of 21 people arrested in Hawaii for allegedly violating the coronavirus coresantine has said they agreed to leave the state after receiving threats from residents.

Center Carter said that when the team arrived earlier this month, they did not realize that Hawaii’s mandatory 14-day secession would be implemented. Court documents say they were spotted in a beach park shortly after their arrival.

The treatment of quarantine travelers does not allow them to leave any accommodation or hotel room for any reason other than an emergency.

The party’s leader, the LGO bishop, did not apply for a contest on Monday for separate violations.

Attorney Donald Wickerson, representing the other two people arrested with the group, said other cases would be dismissed but would be removed again if they returned to Hawaii and violated segregation.


Carson City, Nev. – Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak says current restrictions on business and congregation will remain in place and health officials are assessing whether the state’s incentives are a cause for concern in this regard.

“We’ve had some recent trends,” Sislak told a news conference, noting the upward trend in new daily numbers reported over the past three weeks and the positive expectations for individual test percentages. .

An additional 106 cases of coronavirus were found in Nevada on Sunday, with a total of 11,279 confirmed cases across the state, including 8,815 in Clark County. No new deaths were reported on Sunday, putting the death toll at 455 across the state. On June 11, 227 new confirmed patients were reported in the state, the second highest daily stimulus since the epidemic began on May 22.

Sisolak said he and state health officials expected a further increase in new cases after re-opening and expanding testing capacity throughout June.


BEIJING – Beijing is tightening its grip on the capital to prevent new outbreaks from spreading to other parts of the country.

In addition to locking up communities and ordering mass examinations, the Chinese capital is banning residents of high-risk areas from leaving the city, health authorities say. Those who have already left this national area must report to the local health bureau as soon as possible.

The number of passengers on buses, trains and subways will also be limited and everyone will have to wear a mask.

Caught in a wholesale market in the southwest of the city could disrupt plans to resume China Super League football early next month.

The coaches and players in Beijing Guan, the city’s top team, have been tested and given a week off because their training camp is in the same district as the source of the latest outbreak, local media reported Tuesday.

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