Paper Mario: The Origami King – How to Get Soul Seeds Whispering Woods Walkthrough

Welcome to Paper Mario: Origami King! Starting with Whispering Woods we are going to help you through every stage of Mario’s folded adventure through the realm of pitch paper.

Whispering Woods is where you will learn the basics of combat and you will have to solve a small puzzle before the game can progress any deeper. If you’re lost in the whispering woods (literally or figuratively) we’ve got a quick guide on what to do.

You’ll find some stuff here that you still can’t interact with. There are empty spots on the ground, spikes that block your path and other bizarre risks seemingly without purpose. Don’t despair on this stuff! Paper Mario: In The Origami King you will be able to come back after unlocking more power. For now you just need to know this to make it more in the story.

Whispering Woods Walkthrough

Throw confetti to fix the hole.

Welcome to Paper Mario: Origami King! After the opening meeting with Princess Peach and King Oli, Mario is sent flying in a whispering woods – he will throw the crash land straight into the trees. Tap (b) to start your journey to make a free jump.

Travel below and Olivia will explain the confetti to you – break the trees with your hammer (Y.) To discover loads of hidden items and confetti. Fill your bag, then press (Exactly) Throw a handful of confetti. For this first hole, you need to throw about three hand-filled confetti before the hole is filled.

Once you get to Olivia below you can quickly run away and break through the tree 1000-fold arms! Continue deep into the forest, jump and hop until you reach the end of something – you have to press (One) And pull on the hanging vines. Here are some secret rewards Memory Match Game It will reward you with Super Star.

Pull on this vine, then hit the tree with your hammer so that the magic circle of 1,000-fold arms appears. You will need it to get raw seeds!

Ignore the spikes and just pull Green vine attached to the tree on the right. Every time you pull it, an item will fall into the lake. Pull the vine three times, And the large log will start rolling, making a perfect step stone to exit.

Pull the vine attached to the large gold ball before leaving this area. Pulling it will tear the end – smack the tree with your hammer to reveal 1000-fold weapon mark! Use it to get a raw seed! If you avoid it, we will explain below how to get Shriveled seeds again.

What are all these driven things for? To know the deeper side of the forest! On the big stumps, try to leave the house three times until Olivia advises sitting on the big stumps. This is where you will meet Ol ‘grandsapi – and get your search to find it Soul seeds!

It will take a soul seed to unlock the whistling woods exit of Ol ‘Grandappi.

Search: Find Soul Seeds for Ol ’Grandaspie

Travel the right way from the big stumps and you will face the first real fight against Gombas. During the battle, be sure to tip (a) as you descend to the Gomba Head, facing additional damage.

  • How to beat Gombas: Row them in four rows, then use the boots to jump on their heads! If you can’t, line them up in 2 rows and use the hammer.

In combat, be sure to use action commands during attacks for extra damage. You can defend by pressing (One) Has been attacked just as you are being victimized. This is extremely useful. You can jump on enemies or use a hammer before fighting to deal bonus damage.

In subsequent fights, you’ll also learn about multiple actions and multiple lineups. Use these new tactics to take on the Second and Third Gomba Wars.

  • Collectible treasure: Mushroom – Cross the lake, you will find a treasure chest with this collectible treasure.

Arrive in the spring and visit the small palms in the center to interact. Press (One) To get a better look.

Align your enemies for maximum damage in battle!

How to get soul seeds: Return to the gold ball near the exit to the left in the large stump room. Pull the vine under the gold ball to tear it off, then use the hammer on the tree to reveal the mark of the 1,000-fold weapon. Pull the golden ball to get the shriveled seeds.

Take it Shriveled seeds Go Spring At the right exit to the large stump area. You can also throw in the Shriveled Mushrooms and Shriveled Fire Flowers! Throw in Shriveled seeds Will create Soul seeds.

Throw the raw seeds in the spring to get the soul seeds.

Now that you have the seed of the Spirit, Back to Ol ‘Grandspi! Be sure to save in the save block.

He’s not looking very good back at Ol’s Grandappa. Notice him until he settles conf talk to him and give him the soul seed. After an exciting number of songs and dances, you can leave the young tree behind.

In the next room, use your hammer to throw the third fence wall and throw the confetti to cross the hole. Just before that, you will find your first hidden snow.

Always look for hidden toads. The more you find this guy the easier the fight will be!

  • Hidden Snow # 1: Leave the whispering woods and look for this snow on the road. He’s stuck in the bushes! Break Todd flat to get him back to normal.

In place of the camp, a Gomba battle and a Bonus block with x 1000 coins. Use Confetti to fix the angle and jump there for your prize! Leaving the campsite by the bridge, come to the sand stop and take a quick rest with Olivia. Why rest? On the benches, you will heal perfectly!

Don’t miss the following Hidden toads You can collect your first visit. Press (Y.) To spend some coins in battle and get help from toads. The more you have, the more they will help.

The camp is filled with toads. Take a good look around before you go!

  • Hidden Snow # 2: On the other side of the bridge, hit the tree to the left of the uninterrupted campfire behind the firewood. An origami bug will come down on the tree – it will break with your hammer!
  • Hidden Snowfall # 3: The log is stuck near the campfire. Free him!
  • Hidden Snowfall # 4: In the picnic bench area. Free him!
  • Hidden Snow # 5: Stuck in a bush near the campsite lodge.
  • Hidden Snowfall # 6: In the wooden pile of fire next to the lodge deck.
  • Hidden Snow # 7: To the left of the lodge, jump down on the grass near the door and smack Todd with your hammer.

There is so much more to discover in Whispering Woods but with so much stuff here you can’t do anything. Time to go back to Todd Town! Follow the exit from Whispering Woods Camp and you’ll enter Todd Town.

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