Paper Mario: Origami King – Todd Town Walkthrough Arrives at Peach Castle

Leaving Whistling Woods, Mario and his new origami friend Olivia enter Todd Town – but the path to Pitch Castle is ruined! We move on to the second map in Paper Mario: The Origami King, and our walkthrough continues with another puzzle.

The two have to find another way to the ruins of the castle where Luigi is hiding (hopefully), and there are some more new enemies waiting in the abandoned village. You’ll have to fight the Giant Gombas, but the JRPG battle won’t happen – instead, you’ll just have to run around with a hammer and smash these wooden offs.

To reach the fort grounds you have to enter an area called Graffiti Underground through the sewer. To do this, you need to find a sewer manhole and manhole hook – these are all hidden in Todd Town, which is a great place to explore. If you need help navigating the city, we’ve got a complete guide below.

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You will learn about the first battle sliding ring moves outside of Todd Town.

Wave fights are waiting for you at the beginning of the Todd Town map. For this fight, you will learn about sliding. You can not only rotate the tiles, you can also slide. Press (L / R) To slide, then you can line up these shakes appropriately.

It works like other Gomba wars. It still looks really easy but this game gets tougher later on. Enjoy the exercise – and don’t miss the bonus blocks on the way to Todd Town.

The city itself is secluded, and as you get closer you will find ominous glimpses of some giant origami gombas in the distance. You can’t fight these giant Gombas in the conventional way – instead, hit the stick on their backs with their hammer, then avoid their charge.

If they charge you, you can do damage. Hit them three more times to break them with your hammer! After closing the sticker you can hit them anywhere.

  • Collectible treasure: Torch from Pitch Castle – Behind the Save Block in Todd Town, there is a secret tunnel under the raised walkway that leads to a small yard with the help of this bow chest.

Don’t bother to check the store. The city is empty! Instead, head straight back to the bridge over the castle. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Free rabbit espresso: While in town, go left from the main square and onto the embankment. To the left of this small bridge is a coffee stand – talk to the seller for a free rabbit espresso. The first one is free! This item speeds up your movement.

Quest: Enter the pitch castle

To enter Peach Castle, you need to find the right green pipe that will enter his castle. If only there were pipes near the bridge! It will not be so easy.

Near the castle bridge, pull Red Shy Guy From the door. With this door you will get one Sewer manhole entrance. You will not be able to enter without one Manhole hook First.

  • Get a clue, Go to the front (left) where a golamba is a yard with a red-haired boy. Use the confetti to repair the door, then use your hammer inside the building on the building. Climb up and use the hammer on the window – then smash the giant dome.

Find the manhole hook here!

The hook is in the red building of the pier. Go right from the main square to look for the red brick building. Use Confetti to fix the front door – If you are less in comfort, be sure to hit more giant gombas. Inside, Pull the paper minion Out of the box on the front-right, then youSe your hammer on the shelf To the right with the cardboard box. Keep hitting so far The box falls down!

One 1000-fold weapon mark Will appear on the ground. Use it and grab the top left corner of the center wall to reveal any hidden doors! In the next room, you will face Gombas! Beat them, then break the cracked crates to the left of the room.

Use your hammer Knock the green cart on the right, Then climb up and break the high crate near the window Manhole hook gain! Now you can come back to the manhole and enter the sewer. Remember, the manhole leads to the pitch castle on the left side of the broken bridge.

You will be able to log in as soon as this task is completed Graffiti undergroundGhostly.

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