Paper Mario: Origami King – Saving Luigi | Graffiti underground walkthrough

You have to be brave in the depths of graffiti underground to save Luigi. This small area leads to the ruins of Pitch Castle and Paper Mario’s first major milestone: Origami King! We are almost on the trail of the first Red Streamer. Five streamers are blocking your way to Oli’s castle.

In fact, it takes some time to reach the streamer. First let’s focus on rescuing Luigi. You have to enter the sewer, lower the water and then get up and find him in the sewer. We are considering all of this one section of the game for the purposes of this guide, but you will quickly start your journey to Todd Town on the way to our next area – Picnic Road.

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Graffiti underground walkthrough

Welcome to Graffiti Underground! This spooky sewer is completely black, so keep going and use the red hammer to switch on the lights. Forward, You will meet the curator of the Music Champion – a.k.a. Local Todd Town Museum. You can go deeper underground, or go back to town and check out the museum.

Below, use your hammer on the red switch and you’ll face the battle against swaps!

  • How to kill: Interference is weak to Mario’s jump boots. Put these in four lines. Soups can only be damaged by boots.

In the next room you will face a rat in the square – and your first challenging fight.

  • How to beat horrible rats: The rat is weaker than Mario’s hammer. Try to line them up in 2 × 2 rows. However, both types of attack rats are weak! Remember this for the future.

After that, you have to fight Both incomprehensible rats and swaps. Rotate the slides in the circle of the slide and move the swap to 1 × 4 lines and the squared rats to 2 × 2 blocks. You can then jump over them and defeat them with a hammer. The second wave is much simpler – just use the moves of the rotating circle to create two lines of 1 × 4. Soups can only be jumped, however Dog rats can hammer and jump! Don’t forget that different enemies need different types of attacks.

When you’re done, Mario will enter a much larger room and find it Exit the green pipe. But first you need to reduce the water!

Search: Lower the water by blocking the exit pipe

In large rooms, you will need Blocked the exit pipe from the bottom of the water. Climb up the stairs to the front right corner. At the bottom, you will see a large valve but can do nothing. Head towards the exit and some squared rattlesnake enemies will appear. Fight them to span the magic circle of 1,000-fold weapons!

  • Battle tip: Dog rat – Use slide x1 and rotate x1 to line all the rates in two lines of a block of 1 × 4 and 2 × 2.

Use 1,000-fold weapon magic circle To turn the giant valve and leave the flood gate, the way out of the green pipe has dried up. Go back and use it to enter the pitch (former) castle.

  • Treasure collectible: Manhole Cover – Griffith is found in the chest near the exit of the green pipe in the underground, the place you filled was filled with water from there before you turned that giant valve.

Quest: Save Luigi!

Climb up to get out of the sewer, then enter Pitcher’s Castle Ruins. Luigi’s green hat is sitting in the center of the rubble, so pick it up to save your bro! He’s not under the hat or anything, you have to do more to find him.

Use your hammer to break the debris to the left of the hat, then go to the still red carpeted section of the castle. Climbs up the broken wall and Shred the pot Upstairs High wooden shelf A 1000-fold weapon to display the magic circle.

Use 1000-fold arms Hold near the castle wall and the upper right corner Find Luigi’s hiding place. Tear down the wall, and you’ll meet two Super Mario Bros. less.

Now that Luigi is back, he will immediately run to find the key to Peach Castle. He’ll keep his cart with him, so Go back to the castle entrance and go to the right – Kart would block this gate. Now you can follow this path and go to a save block.

On the castle walls, follow the giant red streamer to the bottom and east exit. Todd Town back to repair the bridge, pull the bandage on the other side!

  • Hidden Snowfall # 8: You will hear a voice as you exit right from Pitch Castle – the small tower at the end of the bridge with your hammer is smashed to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces, to pieces Defeat him to make one thousand-fold arms circle into pieces, then open the tower to save this toddler trader.

Merchants sell weapons like useful healing items and iron boots. These weapons deal with the extra jump damp and are not damaged by the spipp jump.

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