Panarin of the Rangers has expressed concern about the escrow before the return of the NHL

New York Rangers forward Artemi Panarin is looking forward to a resumption of the season, but is raising some concerns before returning to a potential game – especially when it comes to Escrow.

Paninarin said in a personal statement on Twitter on Thursday that it was “time to fix the escrow” and that players “cannot report to the camp to resume play without an agreement already.”

“I’m looking forward to the playoffs with the New York Rangers. “I’m concerned not only for the health of the players and their families, but also for the long-term prosperity of the NHL,” Panarin wrote. “For almost two decades, players have protected owners’ incomes with escrow, including this epidemic crisis, and even owners ’equity continues to grow significantly. It’s time to fix the escrow. We as players cannot report to the camp to resume play without an agreement already in place. We are all together. ”

Escrow is a process built into the CBA to ensure that players and teams split 50-50 hockey-related revenues by holding one percent of a player’s salary each year. With the season in full swing and earnings booming – and perhaps enduring the prospect of the arena closing to fans for the foreseeable future, Escrow has probably been a big talk.

The current Coalition Bargaining Agreement between 2021-22 season came into effect after the decision not to reopen formal negotiations last September. CBA discussions between players and the league are currently ongoing, and escrow has always been a key factor in the discussions

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