/Ozark and Office is one of the most powered shows of 2020

Ozark and Office is one of the most powered shows of 2020

U.S. viewers spent about 30.5 billion minutes streaming Netflix’s original drama Ozark in 2020, making it the most-viewed original series on last year’s streaming service. But library titles like The Office and Gray’s Anatomy still distribute to the largest streaming audiences, according to Nielsen’s new data.

The data that Nielsen shared today at CES 2021 measures the popularity of the show, which aired on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney + from December 30, 2019 through December 27, 2020. It highlights the uninterrupted power of library titles that can create a huge, reliable part of the streaming audience.

The office continued to be a heavy hint at streaming, with NBC Universal highlighting why the show pulled out all the stops when the show moved from Netflix to its own streaming service, Peacock. 1. The most widely aired show on Sitcom television was in 2020, with U.S. viewers watching more than 57.1 billion minutes of the 192-episode season, Nielsen said.

Graff’s Anatomy, which had 366 episodes available to stream on Netflix, was watched for more than 39.4 billion minutes last year. 277 episodes of Criminal Minds were watched for more than 3535 billion minutes, while NCIS was watched for 28.1 billion minutes.

All four of these shows have been among the most popular shows for several years, but each year, millions of minutes are watched for each tick, highlighting how many more people are watching. Streaming now accounts for about one-fourth of total use among OTT-enabled homes in the United States, according to Nielsen, about one-fifth a year ago.

While displaying library dominance in terms of total minutes sent, high-profile roots highlight data on how to pay with huge viewership through a relatively large number of episodes. Ozark, which has only 30 episodes so far in its three seasons, has an average viewership of over 1 billion minutes per episode, much more than the average minutes per episode viewed for library titles, with over a hundred episodes.

Other Netflix origins also garnered a large number of views, and Netflix Originals made nine of the top ten main shows streaming in 2020. US viewers spent nearly 19 billion minutes watching Lucifer’s fantasy, the fifth season of which was partially released in August 2020. The Crown came in large numbers, with US viewers watching the show for over 16 billion minutes (Season 4 debuted last November).

The eight-part documentary that became an event at the beginning of the Tiger King, Covid-19 lockdown, was watched for more than 15.6 billion minutes over the years. Other top titles include Umbrella Academy (13.5 billion minutes), Great British Baking Show (13.3 billion minutes) and Boss Baby: Back in Business (12.6 billion minutes).

Disney +, the blockbuster new streamer that quickly became a behemoth to its own right, was able to break up with the Mandalarian, whose second season ended in the tail end of 2020. That series was viewed for more than 14.5 billion minutes in 2020, Nielsen said.

Disney + ‘s Mandlorian is the only non-Netflix core series to make it into the top ten, the service found much more viewers with its movie lineup, which Nielsen spread for the first time in its data. About three months before the epidemic began, Disney’s animated film Frozen II saw about 15 billion minutes of U.S. viewership, and year after year it became the 1st streaming film. The Disney animated film Mona took second place, with U.S. viewers spending about 10.5 billion minutes watching it, Nielsen said.

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