Ozakar Laura Lini has received the award for taking risks with the Netflix drama

When Laura Lynne agreed to star in Netflix’s hit crime drama Ozark, the three-time Oscar-nominated stage and screen star Wendy had only a vague idea of ​​where the outside character could go.

* This article contains excerpts for three of the Ozark season

Wendy has come a long way in the first three seasons, from the Chicago housewife in the American suburbs to the ruthless riverboat casino owner recruiting Mexican drug lords.

“You have to be confident that it will take time for something to roll out,” Litney told Netflix Quick. In July, she received her second consecutive Emmy nomination for Ozark.

“It simply came to our notice then. I made a decision that I didn’t know would be paid for. Fortunately, they did. This is the advantage of doing something year after year, especially if you are working with people you trust and who trust you. “

Jason Batman, Ozark’s executive producer and co-star, said: “The thing I was focusing on trying to land Laura was that she would represent the show internally and externally. She was unplanned, real and serious … about the way she did it. So restrained and so excellent.I knew that truth would be important for what this family was doing.He had to be this real person, he couldn’t be someone who was doing a lot of melodrama.

The three seasons have seen Wendy more at the center of the series than ever before, as her political savvy and brutality prove that she has what it takes to survive, which is linked to a plot to assassinate her two-way brother Ben. For purely realistic reasons.

“Laura is capable of anything. It’s really a gift show, and this season you’ve seen Laura carry more water and benefit from the show,” Batman said. “It’s just a great season, apparently without any effort, because of the ability to take this character further.”

This act has torn him apart and left Linny in Wendy’s grief with the pain of her body. He has provided a performance so raw, so impressive that it is simply astonishing to watch.

“It’s funny, a lot of people ask me,‘ Isn’t it hard? Aren’t you tired He said. “Getting everything right on the Ozark set doesn’t make it difficult. There is nothing on the way. You have a great size character of great character an you know you have been given some value. You want it to be as good as possible. “

Ozark Season Three is now streaming on Netflix. The fourth season is set to premiere from mid-2021.

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