/OxygenS 11.0: Best New Features [Video]

OxygenS 11.0: Best New Features [Video]

For Hard OnePlus fans, OxygenS11.0 may not look and feel the way you are used to. But dig deeper into the surface and there are some tough OxygenS 11.0 features that you can at least try before you decide you want to jump on the ship.

OnePlus can move away from its roots very well as the lines between its own and stable Oppo are blurred as “Underdog” or “Plicky Upstart” Android OM. However, there is still a glimmer of hope for fans who have become solid in the form of device software.

Updates may have slowed down in recent months, but with OxygenS 11.0 you are probably getting Android 11 way better than a few other devices. The rollout started with the OnePlus 8 series, launched with the 8 and is set to reach the OnePlus 7 by next week.

The changes – at least on the surface – seem quite significant, but the functionality has changed very little with the jump from Android 10 to Android 11. P Pixel experience and think of it as just a lick of paint to help differentiate it from Android One. We spent a lot of time with Oxygen 11.0 to determine a few very good new features.

Video – Best New OxygenS 11.0 Features

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Ga mode mode schedule

It’s always amazing how many Android skins lack certain features that we all consider to be the core of our everyday experience. The most startling aspect of OxygenS11.0 is the first build from OnePlus that quickly adds a dedicated dark mode toggle to the settings panel. Not only that, it is also the first to bring Dark Mode schedule, which is inline with Android 11.

Personally, I wouldn’t call it the “best” feature outright in OxygenS11.0, as I’m sure most people will toggle the dark theme and enjoy the UI. Being able to set a schedule is also a great addition for those who want a light theme during the day and a dark theme in the evening.

Nightscape and portrait video

The ability to shoot video in Nightscape and Portrait mode is limited to a few devices at the moment, but we expect it to become a staple on all devices after the update to OxygenS11.0. Unfortunately there are no features available in the selfie camera, which indicates that software as well as a rear camera sensor is required to work effectively.

I’m not convinced by the quality of the Nightscape video, but the background blur and subject detection in portrait video mode is actually quite tough. When using this mode don’t expect anything close to what you can get from a dedicated camera with a wide-open aperture.

Always on display

Finally, OxygenS11.0 adds the ability to toggle an always-on display option. OnePlus’s stubborn attitude towards the feature has waned until we now have a very tough custom A-at-a-glance alternative to Android 11 on the OnePlus hardware. We’re not entirely sure if the AOD features will bleed into every OnePlus device suitable for the Oxygen OS 11.0 update, but for many it will be the best new feature ever.

The “Insights” AOD option was created in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design and provides data on your overall device usage, including the number you unlocked your phone. Apparently it’s quite a beautiful, unique look that for some reason reminds me of the Mass Effect, but how many unlocks you’ve started are just awake calls. It does not appear as consistently as the standard AOD watch; Instead, it is activated when you press or pull your device.

Canvas AOD

The always-on-display feature extends to Canvas AOD – think of it as a way to keep a custom AMOLED-friendly wallpaper wrapped in your favorite wallpaper. As a way to keep your lockscreen and homescreen tied together as an added customization option, Canvas Edge is one of the best new and unexpected features in OxygenS 11.0.

It doesn’t work with every image you can try, but the effect is quite great once you apply an image to your lockscreen and homescreen. A little zoom animation makes these really neat and integrated when you unlock your device.

Google Discovery Feed

While not technically an OxygenS 11.0 feature, as it was added to the OnePlus Launcher v4.5.6 update, the ability to swipe directly into the Google search feed when using the default device launcher will undoubtedly be a popular one. This means that the OnePlus shelf has been removed though.

You can still access the shelf using a downward swipe on your homescreen (in a blank space), or disable it completely if you wish. The Discover feed looks great on more pre-installed device launchers, but it also requires very little work to make it seem “essential.”

If you use Google Photos or any other gallery replacement app, it probably won’t be used very much, but the OnePlus Gallery app has significantly leveled off with the release of Android 11. Think of it as an automated organization for your photo and image galleries.

I will discuss the nearby gallery application which does something similar to Google Gallery Go. Once updated, you can get hierarchical images that can be effective using AI if your device has people, space, buildings, pets, food, technology and probably many more categories of things still to see in terms of images. I feel really good about the thousands of pictures I took and wanted, say, pictures of my dog ​​or the last fancy food I ate.

Zen mode 2.0

At a time when the use of smartphones has increased the courtesy of numerous lockdowns and movement restrictions around the world, features like Zen mode are mindfulness and beneficial inclusions that can help you shrink and reduce overuse of the device.

OxygenS11.0 gets an updated version of Zen mode that includes a new UI and five preset themes. That’s not all, because there’s more time to “pause” your smartphone, including the ability to join other people’s “rooms” out of your technology. Options may encourage you to lower your device and focus on things that might be appropriate for your time – When with friends and family instead of just unnecessary doom-scrolling.

UI redesign in one hand

On the very surface, the similarities between Oxygen 11.0 and OneUI are probably not a good thing, but one of the common features they share is usability. This is not a problem with smaller devices like the OnePlus Nord, but most of the firm’s devices are larger than the rest of the industry.

I will say first that the people of white space or empty space are not that interesting. The overhaul is good for accessibility and just general comfort when using a taller model like the OnePlus 8 Pro. All “stock” OnePlus applications are themed to ensure you can access the most important areas without problems.

Given that UI elements are usually evenly distributed, this downward shift of all large accessible parts between menus, applications, and general UI means things are consistent with the movement of your natural hand. This is the extra added speed where you can go wherever you want which graduates the monolithic UI – albeit split – OxygenS 11.0 features. It probably won’t affect how you place your homescreen, but after extensive use, the changes will start to make more sense.

When will my device receive Oxygen 11.0?

The completely stable release of OxygenS11.0 this time around is almost weird. If you have OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro, you should be able to update to a stable version of Android 11 on your device now. With the OnePlus Nord, the very first OxygenS 11.0 beta is now available, which will be updated in the next few months until a “full” release.

If you have the OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7 or 7 Pro, the update should be available at some point in the 211 Q1. However, it was initially delayed due to some software issues. With the OnePlus 6 or 6, no exact deadline is shared, but we estimate that Android 11 with OxygenS 11.0 should be available by the end of 2021.

What is your favorite, or ‘best’ OxygenS 11.0 feature?

Have you been able to update to OxygenS 11.0? If so, which features do you love or don’t see yourself living without moving forward? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. If you have features that you would like to see that are not part of the IDAS scheme, be sure to let us know what you want to see in OxygenS 12.0!

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