/Outraged Dakota County appraiser on governor’s mandate to receive federal funding

Outraged Dakota County appraiser on governor’s mandate to receive federal funding

Dakota County, Neb. To be eligible for compensation for coronavirus costs, Nebraska counties must open their courts and other offices to the public – Monday, June 15, on an appointment basis, Ricketts says.

“We opened up and we met with each of the governors’ mandates to fund the Care Act,” said Dakota County Assessor Jeff Curry. “Now we think it’s a good idea … completely different.”

Dakota County appraiser Jeff Curry said the governor should not look at each Nebraska county the same way when it comes to specific requirements for reopening.

“Would you order it knowing these numbers, and the mortality rate and test being positive?” Curry said. “And then, it doesn’t just order why you threaten us that you’re withholding our funds.”

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts says Dakota County is actually seeing improvement.

“If you go back and look around the last few weeks, Dakota County was in single digits – sometimes zero on a daily basis,” said Governor Pete Ricketts, (R) of Nebraska. “Really, we’re not watching

But Curry says that’s not the case.

“We have 1,7441 lawsuits to date,” said Jeff Curry, a Dakota County appraiser. “One in 11.5 people tested positive for the virus. We had one more death – and we are in 32 deaths. And then he sends orders to a county with a severe epidemic that we have to open or ‘I’m running out of funds’ ’.

Curry added that he believes the governor is not looking at the right information.

“We’re the hardest hit county in Nebraska,” Curry said. We primarily use Sussex City Hospital and South Dakota Medical Clinic.

Curry says he has heard back from some of the Nebraska lawmakers, but is not satisfied with their response.

Curry said Dakota County has remained open since the epidemic began – only through social media, phone calls and appointments.