Outer Worlds: Danger on Roar DLC – Location of all named weapons Unique gun guide

Gorgon, the new DLC region for the Outer Worlds, has only new science weapons. The ruined science campus is full of named weapons with special one-of-a-kind effects. There are many different types of weapons to look for, including heavy machine guns, energy weapons, weird swords, and some of the best assault rifles in the game.

Roar is a challenging place despite you being the last player, so getting advanced No. 3 gear is essential. All named weapons are high level versions that have increased damage and named weapons always have a full appreciation of the modes of weapons already attached. You can’t mode them, but you can upgrade them to any workbench, including the Tinker function.

There are more than a dozen so-called weapons seriously if you have a favorite weapon, there are more powerful versions in this DLC.

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Named weapon Special guns with a unique name and tool tools – these weapons have built-in modes and other special features that make them better than other weapons found in random chests or dropped by enemies.

This is a comprehensive list of all the named weapons we have found so far in the Peril of Roar DLC. That’s not all – but in most cases. If we are missing any, we will add them to the list.

Naming handguns

Doctor’s order: Named Handgun – You speed up power near death. Just like a real doctor! Found in the master bedroom of Ambrose Manor.

Lucky: Famous Handgun – Lucky’s revolver increases the chances of a critical hit unless you miss it. The CHEM lab was found west of the upper outer entrance. Follow the canal to a chemical runoff pipe. The revolver is in a small box.

Forbidden: Named light pistol – Stunned handgun which is highly stolen. Found at the Gorgan Security Checkpoint in the center of the map. Use the computer terminal in one of the unlocked protection chambers to create a roar protection key.

Prototype light pistol: Named Light Pistol – A specially named pistol is located in the office of Olivia Ambrose in the SIC building.

Name Long gun

Honorary medal: Named Long Gun – Roaring ‘Love Is The Plan, Plan Is Death’ side-quest reward. Go to Sprat Shack and talk to Leoner on the second floor. He will search for you and reward you with this extremely powerful assault rifle.

Balance: Named Light Assault Rifle – A high-powered assault rifle that catches fire quickly and is more perfect than the longer you run. Olivia is found in Ambrose’s body if you kill her by leaving her next to Mini, or after talking to her at Ambrose Mannar at the end of the search.

The most dangerous game: Named Heavy Rifle – Powerful stunned sniper rifle that uses heavy ammunition. A 150 lockpick was found safely in the Byzantine Gold Canned Trophy home.

Pain: Named Rifle – Powerful rifle that always applies poison to every shot.

Burn and destroy: Named Energy Carbine – This special energy carbine catches fire in multiple projectiles after being fully charged. If you want to face it at the end of the roar questline, you can carry it by mini ambrose.

Heavy weapons have been named

Coolant distributor: Named Heavy Weapons – Found in an abandoned mine in the northeastern part of the map. Mega Ice Queen Alien is found next to a corpse near the boss. The cause of a particular cold effect.

In a hurry: Renowned Heavy Machine Gun – A powerful heavy LMG with knockback and special extended magazines.

Storm Cannon: Named Shock Cannon – This shock-type heavy energy weapon fires at targets and fires multiple araxes simultaneously. Olympus is located at Orbital Pharmaceutical Station. Reach the large station laboratory and enter the small maintenance room near the front of the house.

Named melee weapon

Handy deconstruction tools: Khalil’s Survival Things Sold for 6000 ~ Bits at Named 2-Handed Mali-Roar Canyon.

Air strikes: Named 2-Handed Mali – Merchant ‘Probably Carl’ has sold a special weapon on this hill from a collapsed tug transport.

Perfect game: Named 1-Handed Shaking – More damage to a particular watch and a particularly surprising effect. The OIC lobby display case was found on the left. Use the front desk computer to unlock the display hallway door.

Shock and surprise: Named 1-Handed Mali – Level 29 Intervention Weapon that stun and apply the damage of injury. Unlocked at the administrative level Blacksley office of the HIA building was found safe.

Wall of Swords: Named Officer’s Spine – This N-ray emitted sword causes bleeding effects and increases the user’s armor if you hit multiple targets at the same time.

A spade: Named shovel – a killer broth that gets a chance to bleed in every attack. Found in large containers of loot in the Desirit Cave, you’ll find it when you leave Ambrose Monor’s Underground Lab next to Olivia.

This is what we’ve found so far. Check all guns’ more named weapons locations as soon as possible.

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