Outer Worlds: Danger Announced at Roaring DLC, Extraordinary New Trailer Released

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Showcase 2020 event was a big day for Obisidian Entertainment as they unveiled a new epic RPG title – and returned for some new DLC for their current RPG title – The Outer Worlds.

Outer Worlds: Peril has been officially announced at Roar DLC and thanks to the epic new trailer, players have seen a glimpse into the upcoming new content. The announcement trailer for the upcoming DLC ​​may be the best trailer of the day as it is an old-school horror movie and a terrifying reminder of it! Plus, as I said before, we’re seeing some new gameplay features from the upcoming DLC.

Outer Worlds: Gargon DLC’s Peril will be released in September.

Watch the trailer for the Outer Wilds announcement: Danger for Roaring DLC ​​below:

An isolated arm and a mysterious message led the incredible crew to Gargon Asteroid, formerly one of Halsion’s most ambitious and disastrous scientific venture sites – now the law of monsters and marauders.

Wealthy well-to-do Mini Ambrose worked the crew to find out the answer about her mother and the disgraced director of the waste project, Dr. Olivia Ambrose, but they soon fell into the trap of a conspiracy that would change the colony forever.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Show 2020, full of some great announcements and the show is still going strong. We’ve seen a wide range of high-anticipated shooters – Hello: Infinite, a teaser in the realm of decay 3, and more. Confirm the latest Xbox news right now!

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