Our latest: Episode 2 – How to Beat [SPOILERS] Theater Boss | Tips guide

The Last of Us Hard Master: Episode 2 is a huge annihilator. This intense war has completely troubled us, and I guess it has troubled many other people as well. The latest in us: Episode 2 is surprisingly full of boss fights, but it’s the toughest in the game – and the craziest. We are warning you now, there will be Huge story spoiler Forward.

I won’t mention a single breaker, but scroll down the links below to learn how to overcome this incredibly tough challenge if you’re ready.

The Last of Hours of Other Bosses: Episode 2 requires more shaking than the brain. If you get enough firepower you can win the day. Just unload at the enemy, or use your fighting skills to dog[[[[This is L1]And strike with[[[[Square]. None of this will help you in this infamous theater war soon. Let’s get it.

Our End: Guide to Volume II:

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How to kill a theater boss Eli Fight Tips

Towards the end of the game, Abby will finally face Eli behind his theater. As Abby, you’ll be forced to fight Eli – and he’s a killing machine. He is armed with a machete and a pistol. If he scratches you, he will shoot indefinitely. If you charge him, he will never miss you. You absolutely can’t fight hand in hand Instant killing If he catches you, he will come if you approach him from the front Instant killing.

There are three stages to this fight. Each step requires a different strategy and he can do it Always close range will kill you instantly. If he comes close, remember that it is better to run from his pistol and take some damage. Use[[[[R1]Monitor his position.

There are three stages to this war. Let me summarize what you need to know very soon.

  • Battle of Eli Boss – How to Defeat at Each Stage
    • Step 1: Silence and strike behind Eli.
    • Phase II: Use the bottle to confuse Eli, then hide and strike.
    • Stage # 3: Stem Eli slowly, and then hides / strikes while trapping bombs.

Eli uses different weapons in each stage. In the first stage he used a pistol. In the second stage, he switched to a much more deadly shotgun. In the third step, he swings towards a relatively weak bow but he moves faster. He dropped trap bombs all over the ground. Use[[[[R1]Monitor your location and look for white markers where traps are waiting for you. Putting one’s foot in the snare of instant death.

For all three stages, you can simply punch. You cannot make arrests or stealth attacks. If he goes back to see you, you have to run and hide. If he spots you before you punch him here, he will kill you instantly. When you successfully jump on him, don’t forget to punch him! If you stop, he will counter-attack and kill you. You only have to catch Eli in a punch combo once per stage.

The final episode is easily the hardest. Instead of hunting you down directly, he scams around the map. He leaves very early, so if you lose his track he will get up and cut your throat from behind. Your goal is to stalk him, avoid bombs, and use the bottles to confuse him briefly. He won’t chase the bottles in the second step – instead, he throws Molotov in that place.

Follow him, and then hide behind him when he drops the time bomb. This is the chance you have to attack. He is moving very fast to sneak behind him while hunting. Only when he stops. This is your short window to attack.

Eli Challenging Fighting is all about stealing, patience and interesting things when you get the chance. One wrong move and you’ll start again. No one wants to beat Eli – at least, I’m not sure – but if you can win, how can that be.

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