Our latest: Episode 2 – Don’t miss these monitored and Jack and Dexter collectibles Easter Egg Location Guide

Even in a setting as serious as our last: Part 2, the developing naughty dogs can’t help and stuff the game themselves with references to their past projects. The guys behind the Uncharted series, and before that Jack and Dexter, kept the prime props soft towards our end. And we’ve found both of them – a Mysterious eggs And a Carving ring. Fans of both series already know what we’re talking about.

These are not the only Easter eggs in the game. We’ll come back with a bigger article detailing everything you can find – but you’ll find toys from the first game, Halloween masks like DLC, and even a porn mag with a screen mention of Crash Bandicoot. Yes really.

Our End: Guide to Volume II:

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How to find uncharted Easter eggs ‘So Great and Small’ trophy

The famous ring of Nathan Drake can be found with the inscription of Sir Francis Drake Chapter 9, While Eli is exploring the extensive Seattle downtown map.

Go to Westlake Bank Tower at the southern end of the map. In the bank lobby, you’ll find a group of long-dead bankers – check the note in the back room to get the code (60-23-06) And vault interior access.

You will earn pump shotgun for your problem! But there is one more reward. In the back-right corner of the vault, contact the Open Security Deposit Box. From the Uncharted series you will find Nathan Drake’s famous (and famous fake) ring. You will earn too ‘So great and small‘Trophy.

How to find Jack and Dexter Easter eggs ‘Remains of Ages Seed’ Trophy

Much later in the game, you’ll see this Zack and Dexter Easter egg. Strange patterns are found Chapter 28: Adverse Territories. When you arrive at a building with a painted giant mural, you turn left and enter a street with shops on both sides. Go to dinner on the left at the back of the street, go up the stairs and cross the gap to reach the second floor room on the opposite side.

From here, you can find a storeroom. The first room has a secure code but will go deeper and you will find a room with a hole in the floor. Downstairs, you can grab a double barrel shotgun, but before you get off, look in the dark corner for this weird artwork.

The artfact is collectible from the PS2 series Zack & Dexter, created by the fine people of Knot Dog. A special coin of the Preachers Orbus games – think of them as the stars of Super Mario St4.Remains of Ages‘Trophy.

As we mentioned above, we have more Easter eggs and privacy in our finale: Part 2 We will cover them in a separate guide! While this game is deadly deadly, there are plenty of fun things to discover.

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