Our latest: Episode 2 – 11 tips to help you get started Beginner’s Guide

Our latest: Part 2 is not punching. This is a challenging game and the whole world of injuries will come down on you if you don’t play carefully. Infected, vindictive military preppers, religious entrepreneurs and elli-sniffing dogs face a few challenges and you only need one or two tips if you want to overcome adversity.

As our last player experienced and with a dozen plus hours of new games under our combined belts we’ve put together a quick list of 11 tips that players should really know. From finding hidden manuals to scoring stealth kills, to defeating dogs – we’re providing all the information you need for a game that doesn’t really explain much.

Our End: Guide to Volume II:

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1: Loot everything and always craft

To keep a healthy stock of healthy toys, Molotov cocktails and other effective items in your equipment you need to plunder everything you can. If there is a building that looks sleek, a path you can explore or a house with an open door, you must find these dark areas.

Destroy glass pans to find hidden loot at gas stations or markets and open each drawer. Heck, it helps to read every note so you can get a safe combination.

  • Note:: Sometimes, rooms can only be accessed through glass windows. Throw a brick or bottle to break the glass and you’ll be able to pero!

On top of all this looting, you can also get one-of-a-kind upgrades like training manuals, weapons and holsters. If you miss them, they will spread to more than one place. So try your best to loot every optional area for you and don’t rush into empty areas too soon. If you are not hunted, it is time to search for that sweet, sweet loot.

2: Know your infected Clickers and runners

With most of the games you’ll be infected twice with this poor soul unique feature that you’re a new player if TLOU2 doesn’t really explain – runners will see and you can fight them like any other enemy. Clickers are blind, and if they get into the range of frustration they will instantly kill you. Basically, clickers are a high priority!

When you are stealing, keep in mind that the clickers are blind but have increased hearing. If you wield a weapon or move too fast, they will attack. However, even if you stand right in front of them, you can kill them. Runners are often in an ‘inactive’ position, where they stand still and stare at the floor. You can steal these guys from any direction. Make sure to use your hearing aid[[[[R1]To see where they are.

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3: Upgrade to get the best gun first

As you collect weapon parts, you will be able to upgrade your guns in a variety of ways. At TLOU2, your weapons are generally better than previous games, so I don’t recommend pronouncing weapon capabilities. You want to save first for loss upgrades – these are often accuracy or durability upgrades.

The disadvantage is the best upgrade and you can get it for your bolt-action rifle and your revolver. For your pistols and shotguns, you’ll want to focus on fire rate and stability. I especially recommend raising the fire rate for your standard pistol. You usually shoot so slowly you can’t effectively pin any enemy to the nearest border. The faster you shoot the better. The Bolt-Action can also get an accuracy and durability upgrade that is both a great choice for scoring these long-range headshots.

4: Skills, training manual and what to get

Eli only starts with the Survival Skills Tree but if you search Chapter 9 well you can get the Crafting Skills Tree. Later, you will move to a bookstore; Inside the cafe, you can find the integral stealth training manual. They are great. Looting is important for pills if you want to get the best skills quickly

To survive, rush to get enhanced health for a 25% increase. In crafts, you’ll want to get valuable smoke bombs that will make it easier for you to escape while battling the jerks of crazy gunmen. Stealth has a crazy hand craft silencers skill, it is unlocking silencers for your pistol. Get it and you’re golden.

5: Working with WLFs

In the end, Eli and Paul will fight more than just the infected. WLFs are your first human enemy, and they are tactical to deal with. Never wage war against enemies armed with guns; Take your shot, then get out of there. If you’re around, just run for it! Even better, drop a smoke bomb to cover your escape drop The new resistant crawl ability is absolutely necessary for affection away from human opponents.

Whenever you fight, try to keep quiet instead of barreling in front. The more enemies you can take with stealth, the better they kill. Secure yourself ammunition and resources! Don’t forget, you can capture enemies and capture them more safely.

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