Ori and Winds of Wills are now available for the Nintendo Switch; New launch trailer has been released

Nintendo opened their live mini: partner showcase nicely and they ended the show even better by announcing the move to Ori and Wills of Whips Nintendo Switch.

Not only is the game heading towards the switch, it is running directly on Ishp starting today, September 17th. The title of the main platform – Ori and Blind Forest, has reached Switch Last Year and fans love it.

Developers at Moon Studios have now been able to bring critically acclaimed sequels to the handheld Nintendo Switch platform. A new launch trailer for the game has been released, which you got to check out!

Check out the new launch trailer for Ori and Will of the Whips on the Nintendo Switch below

The critically acclaimed action platform, Ori and Will of the Whips, comes to Nintendo Switch! Experience tight platforming action, beautiful visuals and deeply sensitive stories in this exciting sequel.

In related news, IAM 8 Beat and Microsoft Studio Games have announced a new special collector’s version for Ori and Will of the Whips, which is available in pre-order today.

The collector’s version is priced at মার্কিন 150 and comes with a great special edition item like great packaging, a stained glass style art piece and much more. Learn more about the collector’s version of Ori and the Will of the Whips of the Nintendo Switch!

Ori and Will of the Whips are now available for the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited to see the sequel heading to the switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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