Oppose 6 per cent border travel ban in BC: poll

BELLINGHAM (News 1130) – The ban on border crossings between Canada and the United States is coming to an end, with a large majority of Canadians “supporting an extension until the end of the epidemic.”

According to a poll released Thursday, 85 percent of Canadians want the United States to have its borders closed for unnecessary travel.

“Interestingly, if you look at the respondents from British Columbia, it was up to 6 percent. So it tells us that British Columbia is even more concerned about cross-border travel, ”said Carina Guy of KPMG, which conducted the survey.

In Bellingham, on the other hand, City Council Chairman Jean Knottson said travel boundaries in Whatcom County have been hit hard.

“For small towns, I think it’s catastrophic. “For Bellingham and for the county’s economy as a whole – it has a big impact because Canadians are not coming down here,” he said.

“On the streets, on the highways, in the parking lot – everywhere – without our Canadian friends you can tell the difference.”

Nutzen said the results of the survey were “surprising” and doubted that a survey of his constituencies would show widespread support for easing sanctions.

“I know many personal friends, some of our neighbors are married to Canadians who have not seen their spouses since the border closed. I hear more negative about being off than positive. “

Knutsen hopes more travel will be allowed in early June.

“I hope it can open up soon,” he said. “It was a very experienced time.”

According to Knotsen the testing increases and the curve becomes flat.

“Now the state of Washington is starting to open up more and more every day,” he said.

“We were very lucky in Whatcom County compared to other regions.”

The Canada-US border has been closed for all unnecessary travel since March 21. Main truck drivers, Canadians and Americans are crossing the border for work or other “urgent” reasons, as well as some others.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government plans to be “extremely, very cautious” in dealing with the increase in cross-border traffic as both countries reopen business and restrictions on private movement are gradually reduced. However, he did not say whether he expected the border to be reopened when the bilateral sanctions expire next week.

Riots are raging in the governments of Canada and the United States, who are working until June 21 to extend the agreement.

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