Online Originals: Reconstruction of Political Conventions

(WNCT) Political conferences are an important part of our American democracy.

Typically, conferences are held in stadiums, which are filled with people cheering on political candidates. Politicians, government officials and even celebrities show presence to support candidates and strengthen the party platform.

This year Рthe conferences looked a bit different. The speakers are in a remote location and those in attendance obey COVID-19 safety precautions… sometimes.

And this is where this year’s conferences are different from the rest. In the case of COVID-19, both parties depend on the cost of production. Although both appeared to be following COVID-19 safety precautions, the messages were different.

The GOP criticized how the Democrats wanted to handle the epidemic and the Democrats fought again. Former President Bill Clinton has been critical of the Covid-19 administration since the beginning of the Trump administration.

Both sides focused on police brutality… although different measures were taken.

George Floyd’s family members spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

But the GOP has insisted on their law enforcement message.

Conferences are a platform for nominated candidates to sue voters.

And the main battle between the two conferences is the vote of the average American. At the end of both conferences, the question still remains – who appealed to the most voters?

This question can only be answered after three November.

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